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Slow down....Breath....Nourish....Heal

It can be so seductive to get caught in the busy-ness of life.  Focussing on what’s next, achieving more (and more), and overcommitting are habits that can bring us away from our heart and health.

Bear Medicine retreat is an evening of self-care, visioning, and reconnecting to your truths. Inspired by the bear, you'll experience the power and beauty of reflection, nourishing (the body, mind, and spirit), and taking it easy.

Connect to the Healing Power of Wintertime


Wintertime is a fertile time to heal, dream, nourish, and reflect.  In a very real way, the harsh winters of Minnesota challenge the mind, body, and spirit.  We can either fight the challenges, or evolve from them.  

Nature as a Teacher

In this retreat, we tap into the wisdom of the bear.  As the bear retreats in hibernation going into a deep sleep to nourish, we'll do our own version of hibernation in the span of an afternoon.  We too can learn from the wisdom of the bear, using the stillness and serenity of wintertime to connect to our soul, care for the body, and create a new vision for the future. This retreat will invites us to work (or play!) with stillness, reflection, self-discovery, and inspiration.  The experience will deepen your connection to self, nature, nourishment and bear medicine.


The retreat works on multiple levels.  On a physical level, the yoga poses, relaxation, and herbs help to still the mind and deeply relax the body.  On another level, it works by awakening you to new inspirations, insights, and perspectives on the seasons, nature, life, and Self.


Group Healing

The group healing, will feel a little something like this.

The group healing, will feel a little something like this.

We've created a one-of-a-kind healing and nourishing experience where you cocoon into your "nest" of blankets, cradled by the warmth of the wood stove and the presence of earth below and around you.   As you breath in, the scent of sage, cedar and pine will create more spaciousness and clarity for your journey within.

Laura will hold space as each member of our circle receives what is called for at the time.  We will be working on your behalf to bring in a blessing of more light and buoyancy.

Guided By:  Laura Adrian

Guided By: Laura Adrian

Laura will offer craniosacral therapy to everyone in the circle to support you in letting go, of blockages (physical, emotional, or spiritual).  You'll be guided through a deep relaxation for restoration, healing, cleansing, and nourishment. You'll leave feeling like a soggy noodle (in a good way!).  

What's Included in the Full Event:

-Event starts at 7:00pm and will go 'til 9pm

-Custom yin yoga class to connect to nourish the body and connect

-Herbal teas support relaxation of the body and mind

-Group healing with craniosacral therapy and botanical medicine

-Reflection time which allows for a quieting of the mind 


Register via the link to the right. I choose to offer this event through a sliding scale to make it more available to diverse economic backgrounds.  While this class is valued at $40, I truly believe in making this event available to anybody who feels inspired to attend.  

Please register 48 hours in advance so we can prepare accordingly.


Center for Performing Arts

3754 Pleasant Ave

Minneapolis, MN

What to bring:

-yoga mat

-blankets and pillows (to make a cozy “nest”)