Maybe you’re a seeker of life’s mysteries. Or maybe you’ve got a small or large physical, emotional, or spiritual issue that is creating suffering in your life. Or perhaps you’re aiming to live a more healthy, authentic life.

Based in the Minneapolis and St Paul, I teach people powerful, simple practices they can integrate into their lives to create more happiness, clarity, personal power, and freedom, and at the same time make the world a better place.

What you’ll find here at Whole Life Elevation is an expression of my skills and knowledges that I’ve used myself to ultimately support joyful living. I offer both spiritual and practical services and events. If you’re interested in everyday happiness that’s very practical, I have offerings that support emotional health, living life on purpose, getting s*&% done, financial wisdom, understanding the mind, creating a meaningful business, and healing through trauma. I bring wellness wisdom to businesses and corporations in a secular, scientific, and practical way (on topics such as gratitude, appreciation, brain, getting stuff done, and working with fear), so if you’d like to bring me to your work contact me here.

If you’re looking for spiritual healing, freedom, timeless wisdom, and hard truths, I also offer very transformational healings, workshops, and retreats. These will be outlined more clearly in the Fall 2019 and are typically offered on the basis tradition of “dana” from the Buddhist tradition—which means they are offered freely and supported by the generous donations of participants. More about this come Fall!

“If you always do what you've always done, you'll always get what you've always got"

What you should know about me is this: I don't fit in a box. Frankly, I never have. I thrive on connections and bringing ideas, concepts, and people together in purely unique and creative ways. What really inspires me is weaving together wisdom from a number of traditions that I have studied to create something incredibly useful and new. 

I have been studying and applying the healing and spiritual arts actively for 15 years in modalities including yoga (Kundalini, vinyasa, hatha, yin, Iyengar), meditation (mindfulness, breathing, and chanting), CranioSacral Therapy, Celtic Indigenous Healing, EarthWork, Traditional Chinese Medicine (herbs, diet, and lifestyle), Vortex Healing and Reiki.  

I see the usefulness in each modality as well as the strengths and drawbacks which creates space for me to be incredibly flexible and creative when I create offerings.

I am a combination of quiet and courageous. Sometimes I don't have much to say, yet my most favorite thing is sharing what I’ve learned through workshops, retreats, courses, and my blog.

As a teacher I explain things as I understand them.  I'm not into glamorizing spirituality, making empty promises, or getting lost in the fluff. Often times spiritual and emotional growth requires a real honest look at what's in the way—which isn't necessarily easy.

I'm also not afraid to say that I'm not perfect and I don't have all the answers. I continue to learn and experiment with what actually works to cultivate happiness and freedom. I hope you find this site and my offerings incredibly useful for releasing patterns that hold you back from creating the life you’ve always dreamed of.

How to work with me:

single session + ongoing

Whole Life Healing

perfect for: physical, spiritual & emotional healing

weekends + short courses

Whole Life Retreats

perfect for: adventurers, curious hearts, & making new friends

single session + ongoing

Whole Life Business Coaching

perfect for: starting & growing your passion made business

My Story

I feel like I was always the kid in school who never knew what she was going to be when she grew up. I had so many interests. So many passions. I couldn’t even imagine doing one whole thing my entire life.

My journey starts in Inver Grove Heights, Minnesota.  I lived on 15 acres with my parents and 5 siblings. I was kind of a loner child—I played in the woods often by myself, making up stories and adventures.  

As I grew older I went to the School of Environmental Studies, an alternative high school that empowered students to think for themselves.  This school made a big impression on me and I still draw on things I’ve learned.

During this time in my life I was very quiet and shy.  In fact, public speaking terrified me.  I would get up in front of the class and be totally paralyzed—it was often humiliating.

I think my teachers would be very surprised that now I speak and teach professionally!  But there is a lesson here for me and for all of you.... "sometimes our biggest fears turn out to be our strengths."

In high school I was totally into math and science, a nerd if you will. I did really well in these classes and even competed in tournaments and in total nerd fashion with my boyfriend at the time.  

My high school offered yoga after school.  This was waaay before yoga became mainstream. I didn't have a clue what yoga even was!  I just went for it.  A common motif in my life (read on). 

I loved yoga from the first time I tried it.  And by chance, I had a fabulous teacher.  I noticed I felt better when I did yoga.  I was so into yoga, that I would even skip track practice to go to yoga.  I was such a rebel then (still am)!  I was struggling with depression and anxiety and one of the benefits from yoga I noticed immediately was how it helped balance my moods and relieved stressed.  I was hooked!

I went on to go to college and earned a dual degree in chemistry and environmental science.  I graduated with honors and had big plans to go to grad school and create an epic career as an enivironmental chemist.  After graduating college I decided to move to Boulder, Colorado to pursue my passion for yoga & outdoor adventure and WOW, was it wonderful!!!  I did yoga, rock climbed, and hiked...a lot.  My life in Boulder was absolutely joyful.  I did my first teacher training in Boulder with a amazing teachers Shannon Paige, Nancy Kate Williams and Gina Caputo.  I also studied holistic health from a Naturopath Sara Hart.  To sum it up, I would say that Boulder ignited my life and interest in the healing arts.

At the time I lived in Boulder I was applying for grad school and exploring life options.  I wasn't satisfied with my life as a research chemist.  I didn't like working for someone else and I was bored with the nature of the work.  Something just felt off.

After applying to grad school I was accepted into several PhD programs and started visiting schools around the country with the intention of creating a more meaningful life for myself.  As I visited schools and met with professors, I TRIED to be enthusiastic.  I tried to be passionate about science and research.  But the truth was, my interest in research was waning and the thought of doing research in a lab for 4-6 years (and probably the rest of my life) brought tears to my eyes.

I ended up declining my graduate school offers and moving back to my roots in Minnesota to work at 3M as a research chemist on the Renewable Energy team to figure things out.  At this time I started taking classes in CranioSacral Therapy.  I really loved the philosophy of CranioSacral Therapy and it felt very natural to me.

Still I felt a sadness and boredom at my work at 3M.  Even though I had a good income, a nice place to live, and job security, I felt like a caged bird. My creativity was stifled at work, and every day was getting worse.  I quit my job and took a leap into starting my own business.

There is the risk you cannot afford to take, and the risk you cannot afford not to take
— Peter Drucker


Yes, there is a learning curve in starting your own business (who knew?).  Yes, there are ups and downs. Yes, there were periods where I had $0 in my bank account.  But was it worth it for me? Absolutely. I will say this: Kundalini Yoga in particular helped me stay grounded, centered, clear and focussed through the entire process. 

In 2014 I realized I had semi-chronic Lyme Disease.  I was completely broke at the time and didn't have many outside resources to help me.  I had tried the modern medicine approach, and I didn't have much relief.  I turned to alternative medicine. I was in a lot of pain and I was afraid.  Mindset was key here and I have to credit my meditation practice for helping me get through.  All I could do is stack the deck in my favor and let go of all expectations.

So what happened? I did 2-4 hours of Kundalini Yoga and Meditation everyday.  I cleaned up my diet.  I received acupuncture once a week by an amazing acupuncturist Rachel Nudd (bless her soul).  I worked with botanical medicine.  And guess what? After about 3 months 99% of my symptoms were gone.

So, that brings me to about present day. I have ups and downs like anyone else. I make mistakes. And, I continue to learn how I can show up in a way that’s authentic, compassionate, playful, and also serves the needs of those around me.

One of my more recent learnings involves unravelling racial biases. I’ve taken courses on anti-racism and I continue to humbly learn how my business and offerings can be a vehicle for social justice.

If suffering was a way to get there we would all be there already.
— Victoria Castle

And one more thing:  My intention with my offerings is to help you overcome obstacles so you can LIVE your potential! The first step towards creating a life that is in alignment with the flow of life is believing it is possible. I teach tools and offer experiences to assist you in creating a life that flows naturally, effortlessly and abundantly.  A life that feels meaningful.  A life where you know how to tend to your needs. A life where you learn how to live with more ease and less exhaustion. If this seems to be what you're looking for, let me teach you tools and techniques to Elevate Your Whole Life. 

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