Unravelling Money Issues

Workshop Your Money Blocks

Some us (most if we’re really honest) have blockages that prevent us from saving, spending, and earning money in a way that’s in alignment with what’s most important.  You may feel guilt on what we spend money on, or maybe you can’t seem to save money for a trip, house, plot of land, or car—whatever our dream may be.  Or you find ourselves working all the time—maybe never having free time to enjoy the money we earn OR buying things to make ourselves feel better. Or perhaps you’ve been yearning to earn higher income, but you can’t seem to breakthrough the fear of asking for a higher wage.

Money and how we connect to it deeply reveals secrets regarding self-worth, confidence, gratitude, and pleasure.  By seeing and unravelling patterns, beliefs, and behaviors associated with money, we can begin to create new patterns that serve what we care about, who we care about, and how we want to live.

In this course you’ll:

-Identify self-sabotaging patterns and beliefs that shape the way you earn, spend and save money

-Understand the deep causes of your money patterns, so that you can navigate them with ease

-Release emotional and spiritual pain from past money mistakes

-Learn new tools for attracting, spending and saving money in ways that are in alignment with your values

-Start creating new patterns and behaviors that align with what you care about most

We’ll Address Issues Such As:

-Overspending (or spending addictions)

-How to save in a way that works for you

-How to boost your income (and earn money in a way that is in alignment with your skills, personality, and interests)

-Fears around money (such as looking at credit card statements or bank accounts)

-Inner-conflicts around making money and the intersection of worthiness and confidence

-What money can “solve” and what it can’t

Energy Exchange:


Includes class workbook you can reuse after the class. All sales are final so please reflect carefully on attending this event.

The Nitty Gritty:

Date: Feb 9th

Location: Minneapolis in Uptown (address will be sent when registered)

Hours: 10am-4pm (bring a lunch, or if enough people are interested we can order food)

To get the most out of the class there is “homework” and we recommend you register sooner rather than later so you have plenty of time to complete the pre-class work.

Max for this class is 8 people.

To Register:

Click the link to the right to reserve your space. You’ll receive a confirmation email within 48 hours of registration. In addition, as the class approaches you’ll receive homework exercises we recommend completed prior to class.

Cancellation Policy: Please reflect carefully upon registration. Tuition for the class is non-refundable. However, if cancellation is made more than 3 days prior to the event, funds can be transferred to another qualifying service or event.