Trailblazing Coaching

Do you have a budding idea or business that you want to grow?  Something that you feel strongly about that if you didn't pursue it you'd regret it for the rest of your life?

If you want to gain some traction in business and get your idea off the ground Trailblazing Coaching may help you build momentum.

Here's how Trailblazing Coaching works:

-Gain clarity on your strengths and how you can leverage your strengths in your business

-Work through blockages around self confidence, money, doubt, and all blockages that may arise.

-Learn strategies on how to deliberately connect your message to the people you want to serve.

-Learn how to get things done quickly and maximize your time. 

-Tackle all obstacles and blockages holistically—we may combine business strategy, mindset, spiritual modalities, to help you get the best results.  

Who is this coaching program for? 

-Your business is an idea or your just getting it off the ground.  You are looking for someone who gets you and your dreams and can help you bring your goals into fruition.

-You are willing to do the work to get things moving forward.

Single 60 Min Session: $120

Series (4 sessions): $400

Local folks: If you're based in the Twin Cities you have the option of meeting in person if you like!

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