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Settling into Sacred Space

Ready for a shift?  Maybe you're ready to let yourself really shine. Maybe you've been muddling in a problem or struggle. Or, you're on the verge of a breakthrough and you're looking for clarity and support.  Or...perhaps you know you're capable of more, you just don't know what the next step is.  

In this retreat we'll explore the rhythms of nature, such as the egg to caterpillar to cocoon to butterfly and as it relates to our own cycles.  The transformation process (the way we see it) isn't about rejecting who you are or trying to fix your imperfections.  It's about connecting to where you're at and seeing what areas in your life could be more spacious and fluid.  How could you be more you?  How are you clipping your own wings? How could you really let your genius flow?

And we aim to do this in a way that is joyful, interesting, and empowering.

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The Rhythms of Nature Women's Gathering is an opportunity to immerse yourself in the process of transformation—wherever you are on your journey.  You'll have access to a full schedule of women led workshops designed specifically to support you on your path to releasing, nourishing, and expanding.  You'll also get to connect with like-minded women, eat delicious healthy food, all surrounded in a quiet natural setting. 

Let's be perfectly clear. Spiritual growth isn't about becoming someone you're not.  It's about recognizing what is in the way of you expressing your innate brilliance.  This gathering embraces the sacred feminine as we walk the path of transformation together for the benefit of all.  We don't try to make anything happen—we simply create space that is supportive and see what unfolds.