Foundations of Earth Medicine

A practical and soul-full approach to healing ourselves and the Earth.

Only when we become balanced within may we hope to balance the world.
— Anodea Judith

In this session we'll connect to the energy of summer; which has a lot to do with embodying our inner brightness.  As trees grow their leaves and flowers come into full bloom, we can cultivate an "inner blooming" of our gifts, strengths and visions, as well as appreciate what is already complete and whole.

Themes for Summer Session:

-Deep connection appreciation for your body as it is

-Working with the wisdom of the Earth and trees for personal and global healing

-Relationship to food (where it comes from, foods for your specific body, option for clean-eating three week challenge, food sensitivities)

-Connecting and working with animal medicine

-Embodying your personal power (and navigating through blockages such as self-doubt, self-sabotage, fear, etc)

-Unfolding your path and purpose

-Connecting to the divine flow of the universe (giving and receiving)

-Making and healing with Flower Essences


July 29th and August 12th


Potluck lunch.


Will Heal Farm

2365 Lake George Dr NW

Cedar, MN

Modalities in the Program

-This program is unique in that it weaves together a variety of modalities and may shift slightly depending on the needs of the group.

-Sessions will include yoga (primarily yin and kundalini).  You do not need to have yoga experience to participate and yoga will be made suitable for most people.  Email me if you have questions prior to registering.

-Sessions may include meditation or guided deep relaxation from a variety of yoga and meditation traditions suitable for theme.

-Sessions include content, discussion, and individual time for personal experience/practice/reflection.

-You may have "homework" and suggested reading to support your understanding.

This program requires a minimum of 6 participants and a maximum of 12.

Payment is sliding scale:

Base: $100


Sustainer: $150

Supporter: $200

Two scholarships are available.  Contact me to learn more. 

Registration is Now Open!

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This program will affect different people in different ways.  Students new(er) to healing, self-empowerment, and mindfulness may begin to feel a deeper sense of authenticity, understanding of beliefs and the mind, and connection to people/universe. Students with more experience in these modalities may go deeper into their connection to their path/purpose, strengthen intuition, and understand deep patterns of limiting habits.

The Summer Session is Available to Women.  I understand that people who may not identify as a woman may be interested in this program. If you are interested in a Co-Ed session please email me and I'll add you to the list.  Once we have quorum, I will create a Co-Ed session.