Sacred Rest

caring for the mind, body, and heart through daily practices

Living in this day and age it’s not uncommon to feel like you’re running on a hamster wheel—moving from one thing to the next without much thought about where you’re headed and why.

While studies have shown that taking time to pause actually helps us to be more productive and creative, I’ve also found that it can be a tool for feeling more at ease and at peace in the mind and heart.

What you’ll find here in this self-guided mini-retreat experience is 7 audio guided relaxations and meditations (about 1 hr of recordings) for Sacred Rest. Each exercise is a unique perspective and medicine for the mind, body, and heart. These can be done as part of a night time ritual or break in the day.

You’ll also receive a guide on how to integrate sacred rest mentality into everyday actions.

We’ll cover how:

-sacred rest is important for creating what you want in life

-to deal with pushback and obstacles from yourself and others

-to honor and maximize sleep cycles so you can show up to life with grace and ease

-to simplify your life to consciously create space for rest

Guided Sessions

Earth Release: A beautiful and gentle practice for relaxing the whole body, quieting the mind, and feeling supported in life. Especially good medicine for the scattered or fearful mind.

Deep Relaxation: In this extended relaxation you’ll acknowledge the body with reverence and create space for release of physical pain or tension. This is a loving practice and can set yourself up for deep sleep before bed. It also helps to cultivate authentic compassion for the body and unwind patterns of self-hate, insecurity, and unhealthy perfectionism.

Calm Mind & Heart: This is a simple breathing exercise that works with the mind, body and energy pathways to cultivate a peaceful and calm mind.

Breath of Life: This is a basic breathing practice that works with the parasympathetic nervous system to relax the whole body. In a very deep way it releases fear-based living and helps cultivate a relaxed demeanor.

Blessings all Around: The mind is typically trained to look for what’s wrong with ourselves, others, and situations. This meditation helps us shift our view towards appreciation and seeing what’s right instead of what’s wrong. Through it we experience a soft glow of gratitude as we move through the day.

Loving What is: This mediation is a practice of being intimate with your inner experience rather than being swept away by thoughts, worry, or concern. This is a subtle practice inspired by Buddhist style meditation (sometimes called mindfulness). Over time you can develop a deep sense of resilience and ability to respond to the waves of life in a loving way.