Welcome Classes at River Garden

  • River Garden Yoga Center 455 West 7th Street West Saint Paul, MN, 55102 United States

Join Laura Adrian: Whole Life Elevation at her new home starting Friday 5:30pm on February 19th! Laura will be offering Kundalini Yoga and Meditation. Come and get this started with free/donation classes through the month of February! Regular classes will continue starting in March.

Dates: Feb 19th and 26th

Kundalini Yoga is a powerful and practical tool to cultivate clarity, harmony, wellness, and prosperity. Classes are comprised of a kriya, which is a series of dynamic and held postures put together in a unique way for a specific result or benefit. There are 1000’s of kriyas and each holds special benefits and addresses a wide array of issues such as healing, kidney health, emotional balance, depression, and communication. In addition to yoga postures, mantra (chanting) and pranayam (breathwork) may be included in the class.