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Heart Centered Living

  • Holistic Gateway 1415 6th St NE 2nd Floor Minneapolis, MN 55413 USA (map)

Laura Adrian is pleased to be your guide into more joy, generosity, confidence and connection in your life through this one-of-a-kind workshop that weaves yoga, discussion, and reflection together to expand your heart’s capacity.  The heart is central to every aspect of your life, whether you are financing a car or raising a family.  By aligning the heart chakra and working through blockages, you create space to move more fully into your purpose, gratitude, and compassion.  This is a scientific process where we train ourselves to shift from the reptilian brain (fight or flight) to the frontal lobe (associated with love, kindness, and clarity).  When the heart is out of balance, we may feel closed off, stuck, uninspired, anxious, depressed, and/or contracted. Opening and balancing the heart center is the key to living your innate potential and moving into purpose, compassion, joy, and harmony.  In this workshop you will acquire tools and techniques to remove blockages and cultivate inner alignment which you can carry into your daily life.  This workshop is for anyone who wants to rise to a new level of open-heartedness.  No experience is necessary.  Sign up today! Pre-registration is Required.  Space is Limited to 15 people. 

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