What shocked me most after shaving my head

So…as you may have known from earlier blogposts, back in June I shaved my head at 1/4 inch. It was a spontaneous decision—after I shaved my boyfriend’s head (shorter than he wanted it….oooopsies), I was feeling I would like him to shave mine.

It was just before leaving for an intensive in the desert—10 days of intense Kundalini Yoga in the high mountains of New Mexico.

At this time in my life it felt like there was a lot shedding. I was already becoming a new person…new habits…new lifestyle…leading more retreats…meditating more…basically feeling more freedom to be me. It was a metamorphosis phase, which is totally natural and part of spiritual transformation…..And what happened was so surprising I gotta share it with you!

I’ll start with saying this: Most of what we worry about never happens. We worry about it raining and it doesn’t. We worry about failing and we don’t.

I tutor and nanny part-time in addition to what you see here at WLE. I was slightly worried about what my tutees would think….the family I nanny for…as well as all of you here.

I say all this because I was shocked at how much positive feedback I got from shaving my head! Strangers would tell me how they’ve always wanted to do that! Acquaintances told me they loved it! It actually became one of my most popular blogposts ever.

The lesson is this: There might be something you’ve always wanted to do but you’ve been holding back. If you’re primarily worried about what people might think….well you might be worrying over nothing!

I see these fears show up particularly around vulnerability in relationships…whether they’re in the workplace, friendships, family, or intimate. We’re so afraid of being real….undefended…open…honest. Much of the time though when we are it builds trust, respect, and authenticity.

Then again, even if people had a negative response to my hair, I’d probably still be happy with it—because I’m the one who has to live my life, boo-ya!