Unblocking Creativity

Is there a creative project that’s been on your mind?  Creativity can be so many things.  It can be a career goal or dream job.  It can be an invention.  A creative offering for your business.  Or perhaps there’s a trip or an adventure you’d like to take.

My friend who’s a budding musician recently started recording an album.  He’s just getting started, so it’s a DIY album, recorded in home studios.  We were chatting the other day about fears of putting yourself out there.  He doesn’t know what will happen with the album.  If people will like it, or if no one will care.

I think creative inspirations are fascinating.  What would happen if we let these visions/dreams flow? 

I get that there are time constrictions, day jobs, family needs, etc, but what happens when we create more space. time and permission for creativity to flow? 

When it comes to creativity and creative endeavors, I often ask myself this question that Elizabeth Gilbert poses, “what would be worth doing even if I fail?”

The reason I like this question is because it gets to the heart of what would feel good (though maybe even scary) to do for yourself or others, even if the results don’t offer successful results (in the conventional sense).

As you explore creative possibilities, here are some additional questions to reflect on:

-What was I very interested in as a kid that I no longer do?

-What do you repeatedly dream about?  Does the possibility of going for it terrify you?

If you have some creative ideas and there’s something paralyzing about them.  You might also ask yourself any of these questions: What is under this? Or, what else is here? Or maybe, what is this really about?

It’s not actually about the results in the end.  Creativity is an avenue for expressing feelings, emotions, ideas, thoughts that are moving through you.  Through this process, we can learn so much about ourselves, vulnerability, fear, and surrender.  It’s a beautiful process.

Let me know in the comments one of two things:

  1. What’s the creative project that is always in the back of your mind?

  2. What is one of your fears when you’re in the creative process?