Starting Your Inspired Business? Read this first.

When I hang out with people who have a regular 9-5 gig, I often time get the sense that they’re unhappy with it.  Maybe the money is good, but they don’t like the environment, or maybe the co-workers rock, but they don’t have time for hobbies.  

What brings me sadness is when I hear people who have dreams or secret passions but they never pursue because of time, money, etc.

I strongly feel that when we have a passion that lights us up, we should pursue it, feed it, explore it.  I also feel that you should at least take steps to creating a work situation you love, and for some that might mean starting your own biz.

If you’ve thought about starting a business/side gig here are my best tips.

  1. Start small and simple. I especially recommend this for people who do not have much in terms of financial resources to invest (or potentially lose).  Often times we have these elaborate dreams—owning a yoga studio, creating a festival for 2000 people, leading a retreat.  These are all great things, BUT generally speaking, if you want to lead a retreat to Costa Rica, first try leading a local weekend retreat.  You will learn much along the way by starting small (and inexpensively).  You will build momentum, confidence, and know-how to then scale it up. While we don’t want to sell our selves short, it’s usually best to work incrementally towards our big dream.

  2. Failure, mistakes, and setbacks are on the same path as success. You create a workshop and a few people show.  You need to cancel a retreat.  Your retreat sells out but is a total flop.  All of these things may be considered set-backs or failures.  The key is to not get bogged down with what happened.  Consider it a learning experience.  Appreciate yourself for trying.  And adjust future endeavors based on what you've learned.  One of my greatest sources of inspiration comes from people who had setbacks and kept going.  One of my meditation teachers told me that the first 6 years of his meditation center they were losing money.  Now he has a thriving center, but it didn’t happen overnight. 
  3. Some people may not like you. That’s ok.  I’m not a total pro at this one—there is definitely part of me who wants to be loved by everyone. While we can still be kind and compassionate, people will not like what you put out there.  People will disagree with you.  Let that be ok.   In all honesty, the more polarized you make your business, the more people are going to gravitate towards you.
  4. Give yourself permission to be imperfect.  In any thing you do whether it is giving a talk, writing a post on social media, offering a healing session—presence and authenticity trumps perfection. Make an honest effort, create work that makes you smile, and then let it be what it is.  This is both for the success of your biz and your happiness.  
  5. Remember your why.  We may start a business to bring more love into the world through our work.  Say you’re an artist, and making art is your jam.  At one point in your biz you are working 60 hours a week and not enjoying your work.  Keep your why front and center in your life.  Write it on your fridge. 
  6. You must take real practical action—even if your business is spiritual. I often hear people share their divine creative inspirations.  They have this idea for a book, a workshop, or a retreat.  I’m guilty of this as well, BUT just because your idea is inspired doesn’t mean it will work.  It takes real daily action towards your dreams to make it happen.  You may need to learn about your audience.  You may need to learn about marketing.  You may need to learn how to speak so that your audience hears you.

I do believe creating a business is a beautiful way to contribute to the world.

 A business at its best is an opportunity for you to share your beauty, inspiration, creativity with the world.  

It’s an opportunity to decide how you want to work, your hours, and your lifestyle.  Of course there will be limitations, but generally there is more possibility especially when your business gets going.  

Have you been thinking of starting a business?  If so, let me know in the comments what your vision is!

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With love,