Solstice Reflection

It can be an illuminating practice to connect with the major solar events of the year, such as the solstices and equinoxes.  As the Earth shifts, we too feel shifts.  Even if you don’t tune-in to the energetic qualities of the solstices and equinoxes, these parts of the year can be a “marker” to go within.

The winter solstice is the longest night and the shortest day of the year.  The darkness can bring up much for us.  There is the very real impact lack of sunlight has on our system—we get sick more easily, we may feel depressed, or we might have deep fear or longing arise.  The winter solstice can be a prompting to go into the dark—embrace it.  It can be a nudge to also remember the light—within and around us. You may also have a personal meaning for what the winter solstice is for you based on your background, traditions, and upbringing.  

Here are some ways to explore, celebrate, and remember the winter solstice.

-Make an altar/creative expression/sacred space.   You can use things from around the house or things you find in nature.  You could create an altar as a symbol for any of the following—the solstice, winter, darkness (challenge, loss, emptiness, healing), a significant event that happened last year,  a reminder of “light,” a part of you that needs attention/care/healing.  Those are some ideas—I hope they spark some creative juices! 

-Reflect on the past year.  What were the major emotional, spiritual, relationship, family, and work related shifts, losses, insights, and/or successes? What are you ready to let go of? What qualities do you want to cultivate in the coming year?

-Create.  Create a piece of art/writing that answers one of the questions:  How does light flow in life?  How is light showing up in your life?  What is beautiful with your life/the world right now?

And so? What does this do? What’s the purpose? The grosser purpose is to pause, reflect, and create a space to express yourself. On a more subtle level, we are also syncing with the rhythms of nature and our internal rhythms. Carving out space to connect with the movement of nature may spark insights into how to live, move, and be in this crazy, crazy world.

Of course feel free to modify and/or add your creative insights to this process.  Feel free to send me pics on your creations!

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