Seeing Your Brilliance—Summer Solstice Reflection

In my own life I’ve found it powerful, inspirational and useful at times to tap into the energies of the seasons. The Summer Solstice has an energy of fullness, brightness, joy, and creativity.  It’s the longest day of the year and plants are vibrantly growing.  Animals are active.  The solstice also marks the beginning of summer.

This connection to the seasons and cycles that are happening within (menstrual cycle for example) and around can be powerful reminders of qualities in ourselves.  Connecting to cycles helps us remember, feel, and see that things are always in flow AND that we are a part of this flow.

I first was exposed to this when I participated in a Celtic Shamanic Apprenticeship with Jaime Meyer and we learned about the medicine wheel from the Celtic perspective.  Since then, I’ve learned about cyclical living from Susanna McCann (who taught at past women’s gatherings!!) as well as Kate Northrup.

Now that you have some background, let’s dive in to reflections on the solstice!

Summer is all about the fullness, aliveness of nature.  So in this reflection we’ll explore how to look at what’s blossoming, blooming and in full fruition in your life.

I will say this, this is the trickiest season reflection to do in my opinion.  That’s because it’s subtle and we’re often trained to look for what’s wrong or what’s growing (because that’s exciting).  In this reflection we look at what’s full, blooming, and beautiful.

Here are some questions you can explore:

  1. What do you appreciate in this very moment?  Focus on the immediate sense experience rather than something you’re remembering.  For example, as I right this I’m appreciating the temperature of the coffee shop I’m in.  I’m appreciating the way it feels to be alive.  This might sound boring, but what it does is it trains the mind to look for what’s beautiful and pleasant.  The reason this is useful is because most of the time we’re thinking about problems or what’s wrong.  With practice you’ll naturally look for what’s right in yourself, situations, and yes even in other people.

  2. What in your life whether it be related to career, personal growth, a project, relationships, or family feels like it’s in full bloom?  

  3. What activities make you feel most alive and strengthened?  Describe exactly how you feel when you do these things.

  4. How does nature look and feel at this time?  What are some qualities you see in the plants, flowers, and critters at this time?  Do you see any of these qualities or energies in your own life?

It might be nice to spend an hour or so reflecting on these questions, the natural world at this time, the solstice, or anything else that you feel inspired to at this time.  After a reflection like this, sometimes I’ll create a work of art or change up my altar in my bedroom to mirror what I’ve discovered or anything new I want to cultivate.