Ready for a Shift? 5 Game-changing Books

Maybe you’re feeling stuck in an area of your life—whether it be career, relationship, spirituality, or health.  One thing you may not know about me is that I’m a total book nerd!  Here are 5 of my favorite books for getting unstuck:

Fire Starter Sessions by Danielle La’Porte

Why it’s on my list:  Danielle is delightfully open and honest—and unapologetic about how you can live your passion in a practical world.  This book is chalk full of questions to help you gain clarity and direction to live a full and meaningful life.  This is a good read for those searching for their purpose, or for a way to live a creative life.

Trace of Scarcity by Victoria Castle

Why it’s on my list: Victoria Castle is simply brilliant and gets to the core of what suffering is and provides step-by-step guidance.  

Daring Greatly by Brene Brown

Why it’s on my list:  Brene Brown is a master at working with shame, vulnerability and connection.  This book has a lot to do with getting to the core of self-love.  A must read for perfectionists and people pleasers.

Creating on Purpose  by Anodea Judith

Why it’s on my list: Got a dream or a vision?  This book takes you through how to create anything big or small through a unique, holistic process.  Anodea Judith is an expert on the Chakra System, and uses the Chakra System as a map for manifestation in this book.

Languages of Emotion by Karla McLaren

Why it’s on my list: Emotions can be confusing, overwhelming, and volatile—for starters.  This book breaks down the complexity of emotions—so that you can excavate wisdom from them instead of suffering from the waves of emotion.  Every human being should read this book!

These are some of my favorites—I hope they are a good resource for you!  Later in the year I want to do a local book club where we’ll go through one book, chapter by chapter in conjunction with a yoga class.  It’ll be a fun way to connect with one another, grow as human beings, and support one another in the crazy space we call life.

Let me know which ones ya read in the comments below!