New Beginnings & Why I Shaved My Head

New hair—hanging out at an amazing hotsprings spa in New Mexico before cray cray yoga intensive!

New hair—hanging out at an amazing hotsprings spa in New Mexico before cray cray yoga intensive!

Okay folks. I’ve been hiding. Not a lot. Just a little. I’ve been avoiding talking about this….avoiding posting pics on social media. But the reality is this: I shaved my head. About a month ago, gave it a nice buzz cut.

Full Disclosure: I’m actually kind of a shy person and while at times I enjoy being the center of attention, I don’t mind at all being in the background.

I’ll share with you in this blog why I did it, how it feels, and what I’m learning from the whole experience.

Why I did it:

I did it because I felt like it.  That’s it.  My boyfriend asked me to cut his hair (June 10th) and I thought  it might be kinda fun to cut my hair (all off) as well. When I see friends or people I know, they’re like, “but WHY did you do it?  What were you hoping to gain?”  Still, just because I felt like it.  Why would I choose an apple over an orange?  I just feel like an apple today.

How it feels:

Two things—It either feels amazing or about the same as before (lol).  It is very easy to maintain as you can imagine.  It also feels very freeing—there is no where to hide!  In a surprising way I also feel freer to just be me.  No show.  No people pleasing.  Just me. And…..there are times when it feels about the same as before.  I’m not thinking about it or feeling much different.  Just about the same—until I look in the mirror!

What I’m learning:

Probably the biggest thing I’m learning is how I identified with my hair.  I can’t say I was particularly “good” at taking care of my hair, but  now that I don’t have hair there is less identity there.  This is a little bit hard to explain unless you too decide to shave your head or you’ve had a parallel experience.  

Say you were a super famous celebrity. You dropped that and moved to Bali where no one knows you and became a bartender.  Probably a whole part of you was identified or created meaning around being famous, now you’re in a new situation, no one knows you and you’re doing different things.  This is freeing because you can be anything. No one expects you to be who you used to be. It helps you answer the question: who am I without my job?  Or, who am I without my hair?  Or, who am I without my story?

Would I do it again in the future?  If I feel like it ;-)

This has been part of this transformation that has been going on over the last year and even moreso the last couple months. I’m moving into new territory, and learning how to fly with my new butterfly wings. This has sparked many new ideas and new programs which will come out this fall!

with love,

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