My Secret to Financial Freedom

For years I struggled with finances along with so many people.  In this video I share my biggest secret to becoming financially free.  It's very simple, and can be applied to any income level.  

The "latte factor" coined by David Bach, is the stuff we spend our money on that we don't really need.  By first tracking our latte factor, then we can understand what (and how much) we are spending money on.  

Beyond the dollars and cents, by looking at our finances and perhaps reshaping how we spend our cash, we can create a deeper sense of freedom, not just financially but on many levels.  Let me explain. A few years ago when I worked at 3M as a research chemist, almost everyday I would head to the best coffee shop in town, "Claddagh Coffee" and get myself a chai tea latte.  My favorite.  And this was a habit.  Maybe even a subtle form of addiction.  When I took a look, this chai tea latte was something I could do without.  Letting go of my daily chai showed a level of self-mastery.  Yes, I desired the delicious chai, but I developed enough self-mastery to pass on it and put the money towards things that mattered more to me. Most days ;-).  

This idea of the "latte factor" isn't about taking away little joys in life, it's about taking a step back and looking at if your money habits are serving what you value most.  If it is, then great!  If not, maybe there's some work to do.

Download your free workbook and get started!  Let me know in the comments below what your latte factor for 1 year?  What would you do with your "latte" money if you had it right now?  I want to know!