My Favorite New(ish) Movies

I’m a little bit of a movie geek (although I am quite the book nerd as well) . I am pretty particular— I  like eclectic, different, thought-provoking, and honest.  Here are five of my recent faves!

Don’t Think Twice—Why I like it: It’s a very real perspective on what it’s like to pursue your dream.  It’s about improv comedians trying to make it in the world.  The reason this movie really speaks to me is because nowadays you’ve got tons of people telling you to live your dream.  They give you their rags to riches story.  Heck, I've done it to some extent.  The thing is, there are very real challenges when pursuing something out of the box, and no one is talkin’ about it!

Wonder Woman—Why I like it: It simply brings out the warrior woman inside.  A strong female lead with loads of character and integrity.  Pretty progressive, though if they really want to shatter the cultural conditioning they should have had an everyday kinda woman with no make-up wearing pajamas crushing hate.

Hasan Minaj: Homecoming King—Why I like it: This standup comedian is a trailblazer.  My favorite kind of comedy is in the form of story and Hasan shares honest, tragic, and often comical tales of what it’s like growing up in the US as a Muslim.  Sheds light on the hardships that many of us are blind to.

A Man Called Ove—Why I like it: An interesting film that takes place in Sweden.  Kind of a mundane movie about moving through challenges in life.  It keeps your attention enough to convey a beautiful message about community, life and love.

Kedi—Why I like it: It’s a cute foreign film about cats in Istanbul. Did you know that cats are everywhere in Istanbul?  It’s eye-opening and interesting to learn about these cats roaming about the city—their personalities and how people help them out!

If you’re in the mood for a flick and you like funky, creative movies you might want to check out one on this list.