Medicine of Seasons

Today as I write this it is a little bit chilly.  Feeling fall in the air.  This is actually my favorite time of the year.  It reminds me that things are always changing…moving... flowing.  

We can resist change as it’s happening.  We can ask ourselves, "why does summer have to change to fall and then winter?"  We can fight it or we can flow with it.

When did a Celtic Shamanic apprenticeship with Jamie Meyer in 2014, we learned all about the medicine of each season.  Fall has the medicine of release…clearing…letting go…harvesting the fruits.  Winter carries the medicine of depth, stillness, quiet, and nourishment.  From the medicine of spring we learn about planting and growing intentions.  And summer we see and feel the bounty of the fruits that have been planted.  

When we’re able to deeply connect with the medicine of the seasons, we see that change is all around.  Things come and go.  Relationships begin and end.  Everything is moving.  Everything is in flow.

This makes life infinitely easier.  That means when we’re in a new relationship (spring-esque)…that’s nature…the excitement…uncertainty…all of it…nature.  When we are experiencing the bliss and gratitude of completed a project (me this summer….so glad I finished weaving that scarf!!!) that’s summer and that’s nature too.  The grief…fear…release…of a habit we’ve deeply held…that’s fall.  And the empty space when there’s nowhere to go and nothing to do…winter.  

We begin to see that everything is moving in cycles.  Change seems scary, but not so much when we see that it’s natural.  Nature is a perfect entryway into looking at change and discovering the beauty and medicine in each season.  

To play with this go out in nature…feel your way through nature rather than “think” your way through it.  Feel the energy or qualities of the season (in this case end of summer/moving into fall).  Use all your senses.  You might even ask the question, “what is the medicine of this season right now?”