Manifesting What You Want

I’d like to share with you a simple, life-changing practice to manifest an idea.  I’m sharing this technique for two basic reasons: 1) It is incredibly life-shifting and 2) So many people get it wrong

Let’s say you have a dream or a goal.  Something that you want.  

You want to be a yoga teacher.  You want to meditate more.  You want to save more money.  You want to work 3 days a week. You want to have a cleaner house.

Yes your dream could happen by chance.  But, more likely than not, you are going to need to bring your dream into the present.

This is where most people get stuck.  They stay in what I call Idea-land. Idea-land is the place where anything is possible, yet nothing comes into fruition.  I’ve had friends and family members spend  A WHOLE LOTTA time in Idea-land.  So much so that their idea just stays there.  Nothing happens.

To bring an idea/dream/goal into the present means to take the first small step in creating it.  

There are two basic ways to go about this. The first is to determine the “essence” or “energy” of the dream and begin there. This is the fundamental core energy fueling the dream.  

For example, I remember a few years ago I really wanted to do a month-long immersion training in Thailand to study the Divine Feminine.  The training was $5000 + airfare.  I knew it was something in alignment with my heart and I didn’t want to give up on it.  

The “essence” of the dream was adventure, education on divine feminine, and meeting like-hearted women.  I knew I didn’t have to go to Thailand to get all those things.  I brought the dream into the present by cultivating those things in simple, inexpensive ways.

Here’s what I did:

-I read books on the divine feminine

-I went to local events where I could meet cool women

-I put more energy into female friendships already existing

-I went on mini-adventures locally to satiate my yearning for travel

These all cultivated the core of what I wanted by doing the training.

The second way to manifest is to reverse engineer your dream.  Work backwards to bring the action steps into the present.  What needs to change in your thoughts to make this happen? What needs to change in your actions?  Are there people you can talk to who have done this before?  Is there more you can research?

To manifest my trip to Thailand I needed to have $7000+ set aside for the journey.  That was really the main blockage in the way.  I began saving for the adventure, about $50-100 per month.  I actually now have enough saved for the trip, but I don’t know if I’ll go or not!  

Although I think it would be great to do the immersion in Thailand, I already cultivated much of what I wanted to right here in Minnesota.  I want to shed light on this, because often there are many ways of “getting” what we want and we don’t need to do it in the most grandiose way.

I will probably be the first one to tell you that sometimes things won’t manifest.  Even if you feel you’re doing everything right.  Even if you have the most beautiful intentions.  Even if you are the perfect fit for the job.  

There was a meditation center in the cities that wouldn’t let me teach yoga there.  I was a part of the community, I really wanted to do it, and it I loved the center.  It didn’t happen.  When things don’t come into fruition, we can spend lots of time obsessing over it and trying to “make” it happen.  I suggest you look at where there already is some traction.  Where are you getting feedback from the Universe?  Where is there reciprocity?

I will end with this: We can put endless effort into manifesting the “dream” life.  There are beautiful things we can do for ourselves and others through this simple (yet maybe not so easy!) process.  

There is also a trap we can fall into.  The trap is never feeling like we have enough…like we are enough.  Because of this, I recommend viewing manifestation like you’re playing with the Universe.  Let’s see what happens….Let’s see how far I can go…How many people can I help?  How beautiful this life can be.

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