Manifesting Made Simple

Manifesting is the art of creating what you want and it is a skill you can develop.  Think about something you want.  It could be more clients, more money, more time, a course you’re interested in, a relationship, etc.  You can either wait patiently for whatever you want to happen or actively take steps.  There’s actually nothing wrong with the former, in fact there is something to be said for enjoying and appreciating what you have. But you are also a co-creator of your life.  You have a say in how it shifts and flows.  If something isn’t working for you, why not try to change it?

Get clear about what you want.  This can be more complicated than you think.  Why?  Because we want a lot of things all at once.  You might want more money, and more free time.  Or you might want to be healthier, but also indulge in sweets.  This first step to manifesting is to get very clear about one thing you want.  

-reflect on why you want what you want

-how would it feel to have what you want

-reflect on what would it do for yourself or the world

-visualize what it would look and feel like

Brainstorm What are 20 ways you can manifest what you want. For example, say Sarah wants to manifest $2000 for a course she wants to take. Her list could include:

-work extra hours

-offer a new service or event

-look at budget and cut out non-essentials such as out to eat, Kombucha, coffee

-rent out her extra bedroom

-see if she can get a scholarship

-move in with a relative or friend (cheaper rent)

and the list goes on.

Don’t hold back in this step.  Allow even some improbable possibilities to come through to get the creative juices flowing.

Talk to people about your vision. People are an amazing resource.  They can help you.  Point out potential obstacles and short-cuts.  Connect you with helpful people. There is one caveat, I don’t recommend talking to “dream-killers” especially if you are just getting started with this process.  Dream killers are people who will shoot down almost any idea you have and can put out your spark in a hurry.

Make a plan.  What actually needs to happen for this to work? If you are opening a yoga studio, you might first need to find a space.  Then yoga teachers.  Etc.  I like to come up with a basic outline of what needs to happen.  Within each project down, start to break down the steps involved.  For me, I like to keep the tasks fluid, not set in stone.  The reason being, when I get into a project, it may be different than I thought, or I might be able to skip a step if I find a new way to do it.

Prioritize.  Decide what project needs to be done first.  One at a time go through the tasks that need to be done to get the project complete.  

Give it time.  The bigger the dream, the more obstacles in the way and the longer it will take.  The key is to stay present, and not let this cause suffering.  If we focus on how we’re not where we want to be too much, it actually stagnates our progress.  Focus on gratitude and keep taking steps to create what you want.