Living Your Passion (even when it seems like you can't)

I was recently chatting with a friend who was sharing that he works as a cook, but has this huge passion for art.  He thought I had a wonderful, fluid, and creative life, where I could follow my inspiration.  I do indeed have a lot of flexibility in my life to share my passions—which is why I’m so glad I took the risk to go for it!

In the collective culture creativity, pointless fun, or art are generally not valued.  BUT, that doesn’t mean it won’t add value in your life.  Working with creativity can be healing for yourself, and healing for the world.  This doesn’t mean you need to give up your day job and try to make a living doing your art.

A creative life….or paying rent?

Often when this topic comes up in conversation, many people think they can either have one or the other.  They can either work their full-time job OR live a creative life.  That is really not the case. You can definitely do both. I’ve found that if you really value your creative passions—whatever that may be—gardening, facilitating workshops, art of any kind, writing, etc, you need to nourish them by carving out time to make it happen. Sometimes it does take effort to create the time and space.  Once you have a routine in place, your creativity or “me” time becomes a habit. The Artists Way by Julia Cameron is packed full of suggestions and tips for creating a more creative life and was one of my gateways in.

How To Start

I have known successful entrepreneurs who started out just offering one class a week—or seeing just one client a month.  You don’t need to be able to make a living off of it right away, but the point is to take time to develop your passions, curiosities, and your creativity.

Here are some tips I have for you if you want to get started:

-Start small.  Depending on what your art is—carve out time each day/week/month to water the seeds

-Just do it.  I think Nike said it best. We get stuck when we think too much about what the result of our art or creative project will be.  

-Let go of comparing yourself to others—especially those who have been in the game a lot longer than you.

-Bring in elements of play and fun—even if want to make money.  People get so serious about their art—let it be playful and joyful.

Now I want to hear from you.  Share with me in the comments below what your art or passion is!