Lightening Up—"Working" with the Element of Play

We as adults are generally masters at working really hard, trying to make things happen, and being serious.  Sometimes when we want to create something—maybe even something big like an event, a dream business, or a retreat center—we think that focussing and working hard is the best way to create what we want.  It’s not that creating an impact doesn’t require discipline or hustle at times, but what I want you to think about is adding a little bit of “lightness” or “playfulness” into your journey, ESPECIALLY if any of the below are habitual for you.

Do you:



-stress out over achieving something

-worry about the outcome

By intentionally adding in a little playfulness, it helps us to relax and have a little fun in the process.  It’s only life after all.  What I’ve noticed is when we can let go (even if it’s just a little bit) of the part of me that wants to get to the destination, I open up to creativity and flow.

Here are some simple ways to add more lightness into your life:

-Do what comes most natural to you.  Think about what you loved doing as a kid.  Or something you enjoy doing, but never do.

-Think of a challenge or obstacle as an adventure—something to be curious about, something to be explored

-Do things that you find interesting or beautiful—even if they don’t have a productive purpose.  Create art just because, play in the sand, 

-Spend time not being particularly productive.  Don’t use technology and don’t clean or do work.  Go for a walk (without a destination), sit and enjoy a cup of tea, or lay on the Earth.

-Practice appreciation.  We humans have a tendency of focussing on being more— having more, and doing more.  How ‘bout some good ol’ appreciation for what you already have?

-Notice your inner dialogue.  How do you talk to yourself about yourself?

-Think of the thing you are most afraid of.  The worst possible outcome of a situation.  Then laugh uncontrollably about it. Laughter creates endorphins (“happy” chemicals) and also sends us a message that life doesn’t need to be so serious.

Choose 1 or 2 that resonate with you and try it out for a month.  See what effect it has on you. Let me know how if goes in the comment section below.

With Love,