How to make work better (Part 1)

So many people struggle with making it through the workweek.  They dread Mondays and celebrate the heck out of every Friday.  While you might be dreaming of retiring or starting your own business the reality is you’re at where you’re at right now and it makes the most sense to make the best of it while you’re there.

You never want to hope that the future is better because the future isn’t guaranteed.  What matters is how you are relating to the experience right in front of you.

Diamond View: I use this diamond analogy to explain how our perspective influences how we experience a situation.  Imagine a diamond with all of its facets.  The diamond represents your work situation.  Each facet of the diamond is a perspective, view, or lens in which you can see your work situation.  So let’s say that one facet is what’s positive and beautiful about your work.  

If you’re looking at what’s positive about work, you might see things like:

-you have a steady paycheck

-your coworkers are social and fun to talk to

-when you go home, you’re done

-you’re not harming anyone through your work (or you’re helping people, animals, or the planet)

-you like the nature of the work you’re doing

-you’re in a respectful environment

-you get paid vacation or you can take time off easily

There are also other sides of the diamond that we can look at as well such as opportunity, gratitude, triggers, challenges, stresses etc.  All of these views make up the whole work situation.  

You may have heard of the saying, “what you focus on expands.”  Basically whatever side of the diamond you focus on becomes your main experience…your reality.

If we practice looking for the good and appreciated work, we are more likely to see the good. Gratitude and appreciation are “muscles” or habits that need to be strengthened in most of us.  

If you’re reading this post, you might be seeing all the terrible things about work.  All the stress, chaos, anxieties, inequalities, and challenges.  Looking at another side of the diamond, the gratuitous side for example, can bring some perspective to the situation.  

It’s not that we only want to see what’s good.  Sometimes there is a negative situation or toxic environment that needs to be addressed.  I’m just saying that looking at the situation from new perspectives such as through gratitude, appreciation, positivity, and opportunity can bring a balance to the current view.

You might be thinking that this is a difficult shift—and it is.  There is a lot of habit around negative thinking—in fact in a lot of ways we’re neurologically wired to look for what’s wrong, missing or lacking in a situation.  

The best way to shift a habit is to create a counter-habit.  You can explore this by making it a practice to take 5-10 minutes per day perhaps in the morning or at night opening to what is beautiful and positive about your work situation.  

This isn’t to say that you should stay in your work environment or even that it’s the best use of your energy, time, and skills.  The diamond view is useful for your CURRENT situation—you’re already at your job, so you might as well make the best of it.  

Some people worry that if they start to look for the good, then they will be playing small or stay in a position that is not the best fit for their skills and personality. I tend to disagree. When you’re happier you feel freer. If it truly isn’t the best fit for you, over time you will naturally begin to explore other options. AND you’ll be coming from a place of genuine abundance and appreciation which is magic for attracting what you want!