How to Deal with Criticism

If you’re putting yourself out there, chances are people are going to have opinions about what you’re doing.  

You’re going to encounter people who love who you are and what you do, and people who point out shortcomings, mistakes, misalignments (in their eyes).  Realize that you’re going to get both no matter what.  Even if you are as perfect as possible, people will have opinions and criticism.

The questions to ask yourself:

Is this criticism useful? Does this criticism align with what I value?  Does it align with what’s most important to me?  Do you admire and respect the giver of feedback?  Has the critic taken chances? Is there any truth in the criticism?

There is only one way to avoid criticism_say nothingdo nothingbe nothing..png

I recently received some criticism from an acquaintance of mine about how I’m orienting myself with my offerings.  While I understand I’m not perfect, the criticism felt so off-base to what my values are and what I’m creating.  Plus looking at the critic's life, he is one of the most fearful, cautious people I know.  Do I really want to shift to accommodate his ideas?  Do I really want a life more like his?

I think it is crucial (for women especially) to cultivate a strong connection to our hearts, so that we can discern between criticism that’s going to up-level our lives and criticism that is going to box us in and make us feel tight.

So, how do you cultivate a connection to your heart, inner wisdom, higher self, essence?  Many spiritual practices such as yoga (Kundalini especially), meditation, prayer, connecting to nature, artistic practices, generosity, and forgiveness can help us to uncover the beauty of our heart. Listening to the wisdom of the heart is a practice…like a muscle that we develop over time.