How Connecting to the Earth can Improve Your Health & Well-Being

I want to share with you a practice I find very valuable and it’s about connecting to Earth. This might sound dull or boring but it is one of the top 5 practices that has changed my life significantly in the last four years. We have issues in our life…like not feeling enough energy, not being able to set good boundaries, having difficulty setting a dream in motion, and many of these are helped indirectly or directly by connecting to the Earth and/or the rhythms of the Earth.

If we think about the mother archetype, we might think of things like supportive, nurturing, caring, unconditional love, and protection.  That’s what the basic energetics of the Earth are as well.  We can see this by looking around.  

All of our food comes from the Earth.  The water we need comes from the Earth.  The homes we live in come from the Earth.  And yes, we come from the Earth as well because we’re made of food (weird to think about sometimes, but true).

Connecting to the Earth in an intentional way can be supportive in many ways.  I’ve found it directly helps with the following:

-Emotional health


-Sense of ease


-Balance between head and heart

-Releases stress

I remember reading long ago in Anodea Judith’s book, “Creating on Purpose” that spirituality is about creating joyous living while we’re alive.  Essentially, creating Heaven on Earth.  Connecting to the Earth is a step in this direction because it creates a foundation grounded in the practical aspects.

Here are some ways to cultivate a deeper connection to the Earth energy:

-spending time in nature

-lying on the Earth

-walking barefoot

-paying attention to how and what you eat

-caring for the body

-spending time resting

I’m also the founder of the Earth Medicine Women’s Gathering where we spend a whole weekend cultivating this connection.  The cool thing about the gathering is that you’ll get to hear from a number of voices.  You get to experience many aspects and dimensions of what I call Earth Medicine. Learn more and see if it’s a good fit for you here.

Try one of the practices listed above and let us know how it goes.  Or if you want more guidance come to the gathering or a workshop this summer! 

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