Hey! I want to hear from you!

Hello Whole Life Elevationers!

I’m putting together my calendar for the next 18 months and I’d love your input! I’ve got a lot of ideas rolling around in my head (too many!) and I need your help wittling down my list.

I want to do more teaching (mostly at my home studio in St Paul). I’ve got some ideas for workshops and series classes. These are ideas that come from my own inspiration and also topics I’ve heard from you.

In addition I’d like to add some more retreats. A mix of international (wahoo!) and local retreats. I’m also looking into creating a spiritual dana (basically means donation based) retreat.

So….I’m curious what you’d like from me this year as well as what your dreams are and what what your biggest issues are so I can create cool stuff for you! Do me a favor and fill out this survey and we’ll randomly select winners for a free 40 minute healing session (remote or in-person). And…your chances of winning are pretty good because really there aren’t that many people who fill these things out :-)

Fill out survey here (takes less than 5 minutes!)