Healing Lyme Disease Naturally

Healing Lyme Disease Naturally

Something people ask me about regularly is how I healed myself from Lyme Disease.  I’m not an MD, certified herbalist, or naturopath, or anything that qualifies me to diagnose and treat disease.  I’m a holistic, intuitive healer and my skills lie in assessing emotional and energetic causes of dis-ease of all kinds.  I do believe I can help people heal and evolve with illness, but mostly as a “part” of a support team and not solely on my own (not the primary assessor).

I share my story for inspiraration and to share an example of how the healing process is more complex than Western Medicine can make it seem.  I also share to be an example of what is possible.  While every situation is different I still stand with the basic belief when working when any serious illness: Stack the deck in your favor and let go of what happens.  There will be things you can do…holistic practices, herbs, etc.  All you can do is try things out and see what happens.  There are no guarantees in life and there are no promises any healer or doctor can every make.  There is only action and what happens.  That’s it.

Here’s my story:

It was July 2014 and I noticed I was feeling really, really, low energy.  Basically the worst I have ever felt in my life.  I had recently gotten my IUD removed (good decision!!!) and I wondered if my body was integrating and healing from the procedure.  This went on for a few days.  I even cancelled on a client which I have never done before because my entire system felt so weak.

As the days went by I began to notice a red rash on my back.  Upon further investigation it was a very large bulls-eye shape that spanned about half of my back.  It was at that point I knew I had Lyme Disease.  Then  it clicked: A couple weeks ago I remembered I was scratching my back and a tick flew off.  I never saw the tick, but alas it must have been a deer tick.

I was completely financially broke at the time.  I had quit my job as a research chemist at 3M January of that year to become a full-time healer and yoga teacher.  I had burned through all my savings and was living under the poverty level by US standards.  I didn’t have health insurance either because I mostly do alternative medicine for things which isn’t covered by insurance. 

I was lucky to find a free clinic where they gave me antibiotics to treat the disease.  There are some interesting nuances about Lymes that I’ll share here.  1) It is very difficult to determine whether or not you actually have it unless you have the tick.  Bloodwork has a lot of false negatives.  2)  There are co-infections that travel with deer ticks and the antibiotic does not necessarily fight these.

In theory the antibiotic should “cure” the Lyme Disease if you start taking it within a few weeks of contracting Lymes, but what I found is that I still had symptoms.  I was super tired and my body severely ached. 

I was terrified.  I was 25 years old and I was wondering if I would feel like this the rest of my life.  There is so much uncertainty with disease of any kind.  I think this is the hardest part.  I also was still teaching yoga making $30 per class on a good day and really just barely getting by.  The financial stresses were an added weight to the whole thing.

I remember at this time I was also incredibly sensitive to gluten, dairy, and sugar.  I had to follow a very strict diet and if I deviated I would be recovering in bed for days.  Sticking to this diet was the hardest part and I felt so isolated from it all.  Anyone who has celiac or dietary restrictions knows how it can feel when everyone is eating cake except you.  Then the questions come…..

I literally had no money to speak of and things were not improving.  At best they were stasis.  Through a mutual friend I was able to see an angel of a woman Rachel Nudd Herbalist and Acupuncturist and receive acupuncture once a week.

Through the support of Rachel I implemented a version of the  Boehner Protocol for Lymes (not sure if they’ve changed or updated since), which for me was 3 tablets of astragulas, cats claw, and andrographis which is basically designed to support the body in fighting Lyme Disease and co-infections.

I also did 2-4 hours of kundalini yoga and meditation per day.  Kundalini Yoga if you’re not familiar has sets of poses and specific meditations that can target certain things like emotional healing, calming the mind and strengthening the immune system.  It deliberately shifts the body’s ability to heal, changes how the brain functions, and shifts inner and outer energy ….and so much more.  I would highly recommend kundalini yoga as part of any deep healing process.  This fall I plan to offer a short course (5 weeks or so on this, so stay tuned and join the email list if you’re not already on it!).

I did all of this…acupuncture, kundalini yoga, herbs, diet, reishi mushroom for about three months….and there was no improvement. FUCK.  This was not looking so good. 

Around the three month mark I remember hearing from someone…maybe it was Rachel that everything you need to heal a disease can be found on the land where you live.  I don’t know if this was true, but I believe it was my partner who one day brought home local Burdock Root for me to make a tea out of.  Up until this point I was mostly taking herbs that were from the Amazon (rainforest, not the company)…not grown locally.  I thought there might be something to this idea so I added the Burdock Root to my protocol.

Around this same time I also really came to terms with the illness.  I realized I was doing everything I could.  I remember thinking at this point “if god wants me to have Lymes my whole life, then I guess I’ll have Lymes my whole life.”

In some weird and unexpected way I began to feel quite happy.  On some deep level I let go of needed to heal or being dependent on healing.  I was also doing quite a bit of yoga and you can literally feel quite “high.”  And I felt like I was falling…like I had let go of all expectations of healing.  It was really quite strange but I genuinely felt very happy.

This was a tipping point in my healing journey.  I began to have more energy. Aches went away. And I remember it was only a few weeks after this point when my symptoms were 99% gone. It was recommended that I continue with the herbs for a few months (ideally 6 months, but I did 2).

Since my whole Lymes experience some people ask me about it so I’ll share the kriyas and meditations as well as additional practices for healing chronic illnesses this Fall in a 5 week class called, Deep Healing.

I’ll end with this: Sometimes the miracle is healing and sometimes it’s about finding freedom in the process. Regardless, whatever condition the mind/heart/body is in, it’s important to ask yourself “can I feel free here?”

The thing that most people miss in the healing process is that they cling to certainty. They want to be certain they can heal or certain they can’t. I think there is a real beauty and freedom to opening to the uncertainty of it all and falling in love with that.