Happiness Tip #5—Nature

Part of my intention with this blog and my offerings is to provide you with a range of tools you can draw on to release stress and anxiety and live in a freer more easeful way.  Some of the tools you’ll naturally be drawn to.  Some will work for you right away.  Some will take some time to master.  And some won’t be your jam.

There’s up and coming research on the benefits of nature as it correlates to human physical, mental, and emotional health.  In this blog I’ll share with you a little of the research as well as some simple shifts you can do to increase your nature intake.

The book Nature Fix is amazing and in a really grounded way the author Florence Williams shares research, skepticism, and magic of nature and how it may be the modern world’s ticket to destressing.

Here’s a High-light Reel from the Book the Nature Fix by Florence Williams:

-In Korean studies of forests specifically designed for healing research has shown that “immune-boosting killer T cells of some with breast cancer increased after a two week visit and stayed elevated for fourteen days; people who exercised in nature (as opposed to the city) achieved better fitness and were more likely to keep exercising; and unmarried pregnant women in the forest prenatal classes significantly reduced their symptoms of depression and anxiety.

-In a study that looked at how violence and aggression shifted in those inhabiting rooms with windows that viewed lawns with trees vs streets in a housing project in Chicago, they found that those living with “asphalt views reported higher levels of psychological aggression, mild violence and severe violence than their tree-view counterparts.

-In a study that compared walking in a city center, to a city park and a forest park, those in the forest and city park “felt 20% better than their urban peers.  The greenies also felt stronger positive emotions and lower negative emotions.” 

And there is so much research that can be done in these areas!

Here are some simple ways you can engage more with nature:

-When picking out an apartment or house, pick one with more windows and views of nature over one with views of walls or buildings.

-A short walk outside for 15 minutes (even if you’re in a city).

-Throw a blanket down and lie on the Earth (learn how this summer at one of my workshops!)

-Bring nature into the home. Bring in house plants, natural made products, and dried plants.

-Longer walks or hikes in nature.

-Nature based vacations.

-Eating lunch outside.