Happiness Tip #4

If you’re feeling tired, spread-too-thin, or overworked, I have a simple practice you can experiment with to see if it helps you feel more energized, centered, and grounded.  It’s actually surprisingly basic, but we can feel much resistance working in this area. .  

In this short blog post I want to zero in on an aspect of generosity—self generosity.  Some of us our primary work is here.  So what the heck do I mean by self-generosity?  

Generosity is how we orient ourselves towards ourselves, others, and our surroundings. Are we trying to “get” something out of someone, or are we opening to what we can give away to others.

Self-generosity is being generous with yourself.

Forgiving with yourself.

Giving yourself permission to explore your curiosities.

Allowing yourself time off.

Hiring a sitter for the kids just for some “me time.”

Taking a class just cuz.

Saying no to something that doesn’t feel in alignment.

Owning things that bring you joy.

Making a beautiful, healthy meal.

Getting a massage.

It may also be deeper than anything you can “do” for yourself.  What I mean is this: It may be an attitude or mind shift towards self love or self care.  “I am worthy of being ___________”  “I love myself enough to say no to ____________” “Because I care, I will ___________”

You can play with these concepts a bit.  In your life you might choose one area (maybe an area that feels lacking in generosity) such as health, spirituality, home, relationships, or career and brainstorm ways that you could cultivate generosity.  Smaller is typically better (and more achievable) to start.  So say you choose spirituality.  

Your brainstorm list could be:

-go to meditation class

-create sacred space in my home

-meditate/pray/reflect for 15 minutes in the morning

-give myself permission to go on retreats or events

The list could go on and on…

You might find it helpful to set an intention to work with one area in your life for a week…month…or quarter keeping in mind your needs, wants, and desires….and see what happens.  You get to see for yourself if the practice is healing, transformative, and/or useful at this time in your life.  And, if it’s not, it’s a practice you can revisit again and again.

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