Game-changing Strategy to Attract Clients

Many of you have a part-time biz.  You’re teaching yoga on the side.  Doing healing work.  Coaching. All while fulfilling your part-time gig, family responsibilities, or full-time job.

We often think our biz will grow organically…naturally…with time.  I believe that that’s true.

It’s also true that you could attract more clients by learning simple ways to connect better with your audience. And…when you connect better with your audience everyone wins—you help more people and you build your biz. 

One of the biggest mistakes I see when I look at websites, bios, class descriptions and retreats from other teachers and healers is that it’s all about them. It’s all about the host and what they offer.  

At first glance it seems that focussing on your work is a good strategy. BUT…..

Get this:  There is what you’re offering and then there is where your client is at.  The words you use to describe your work may not be the words your clients use to describe what they need.

What most entrepreneurs do is describe their offerings from their perspective.  

What will separate you from the crowd and connect deeply to the people who you can serve the most is this: Put yourself in your client’s shoes.  What are they looking for?  What do they need help with? How are they moving through the world?

This is true when you write your bio, class descriptions, workshop descriptions, retreat descriptions….your whole website needs to be about connecting what you do with where your client is at.

Here’s an example:

Say you do multi-dimensional healing.  From your perspective it’s creating a union with the energies of the universe…clearing karma…opening up every chakra…and so on.

If your ideal client uses all those words, then maybe that’s okay.

But….what if…

Your ideal client just knows she is spiraling downward through patterns of addiction and self-sabotage.  She doesn’t know how to shift patterns that no longer serve and she doesn’t know even where to start.  She’s looking for a holistic solution, no chemicals or drugs.

So…that sounds a lot different right?  Talking about chakras…?  She doesn’t know what those are.  

Here’s my step-by-step approach to writing anything on your website:

  1. Get clear on who you want to serve most and how

  2. When you write your website and services focus the attention on your customer rather than you. Results are more important than credentials.

  3. Focus on the problem or desire of the client and how your work creates results.

So…if you’ve got a website review it!  How can you focus more on the customer instead of putting the spotlight on yourself?  How can you meet your customer where they’re at?  How can you communicate the results of your services to your customer?

Share your website below if you’ve got one. What’s one change you’re going to make to connect to your audience?


PS If you want more support on this I offer business coaching packages…we’ll be diabolical together!