Fresh Start Reflection

Does reflecting do anything?  Does it help?  I think reflecting from time to time on how our lifestyle, habits, and choices are impacting our lives can illuminate what’s working and what’s not, and help us shift the choices we’re making.  

However, if we get too caught up in a plan it’s possible for things to get too rigid. This limits creativity, flexibility and flow.

I notice when I spend time pausing, reflecting on what’s working and what’s not, things seems to flow a little more smoothly.

I’ll share a little bit about my simple reflection process I did this year which can provide as a structure you can modify and tweak.

I find it helpful to brainstorm in at least 3 spheres: Career/Business, Personal/Spiritual Growth, and Relationships/Social Life.

  1. What worked well in 2018 (or in the last year)? What were your successes?  What went smoothly?  What was beautiful?  What felt “right”? What were your bravest moments?

  2. What mistakes did you make?  What habits/choices caused harm or dis-ease? What did you learn?  How would you do things differently?

  3. What feelings would you like to cultivate more of in 2019?  

  4. Choose 3-5 of these feelings.

  5. Brain Dump: What would you like to do or accomplish in the next year? Write down all possibilities even if they seem unrealistic or silly.

  6. Look at your list from step 6. Which of these things would have the greatest positive impact on you and others? Which are in alignment with the feelings you want to cultivate? Choose a small number to focus on for the next year. Less is more here. I find that often times we want to do so many things. What usually happens is we get frazzled doing too many things and we either end up sloppily completing all of them or getting overwhelmed and giving up on all of them.

I like to keep what I write down handy, so I can look back at it each month, check if I’m on track or reevaluate.