Exhausted from Goal Setting? Here's Another Approach

Question for you:  Do you set goals and work hard to achieve them?  Do you love it or do you find it stressful?

What I’ve noticed is that often times I'll set goals and work crazy hard to achieve them, and then I feel good for a short while.  Soon enough I’m feeling like going after another goal….and I find myself exhausted by the whole process.

Goal setting can be an endless cycle of exhaustion if it’s coming from a place of lack or striving.  What does lack look and feel like?  Lack or scarcity, might look like doing something because you’re trying to feel complete or good enough, on a deep level.  That’s a lot to take in and I could go into more, but that’s it in a nutshell!

This year I’ve actually tried something different.  I decided to align with how I want to feel. This changes everything and makes the goal setting process lighter.

Here’s how to do it:

Say your standard goal (before this process) was to earn $50,000 this year.  

  1. Brainstorm what’s underneath that goal.  What feelings are associated with that goal?  You might come up with words such as confidence, self-care, stability, abundance, and ease.   

  2. What actions might you take to feel those feelings on a daily basis (even without reaching your goal)?

  3. What actions might you take on a monthly or yearly basis to feel those feelings (even without reaching your goal)?

What this process does is it allows you to be happy and create what you want while you bring your goal to life.  The reality is, sometimes we reach our goals and sometimes we don’t.  Sometimes even if we do everything we possibly can to reach a goal, we still might not make it happen.  There are many, many, factors at play internal, external and spiritual.  Thus if we do go for something—let’s create what we really wanted through the whole process.

Share with us in the comments: What is one goal you have for this year? What are the root feelings underneath?

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