Equinox Reflection—Unthawing & Opening to Possibility

Here we are coming up on the Spring Equinox March 20th.  The stillness of winter is coming to a close (at least on the calendar) and we notice there’s more daylight.  The Earth is unthawing. The warmer temperature brings a feeling of hope…of possibility.

Each season has its unique flavor….unique medicine. This I learned from studying Celtic Shamanism….and it shows up in many other Earth-based traditions. The winter is the barren tree.  The spring is the budding and flowering of the tree.  The summer is when the fruits of the tree ripen.  Fall is when the fruit is harvested and the leaves drop to the ground.

This circular process of arising, fruition, falling away, and emptiness we see through looking at the seasons are occurring all the time, within relationships, creative projects, careers, and on a day to day basis.  While these things are occurring all the time, it might also be an especially potent time to tap into what’s happening in nature and connect that to our own nature.  Thus, we can plant and grow seeds of intention in the Spring.

Here’s how you can explore: Grab a journal and find a relatively quiet place free from people (and responsibilities).   Start by feeling the whole body.  You’re not looking for anything in particular, just check in with the body and connect to how it feels.  You might chose to light a candle or burn incense to signify the start of this process.

Ask yourself any or all of these questions.  You might find it useful to just write without thinking.

  1.  What has been dormant in your life that feels ready for attention, nurturing, care, and/or love?

  2. What feels like it’s ready to sprout?  Think in terms of relationships, career/work, creativity/art, wellness, spirituality, activism, and community.

  3. What would you like to learn more about?  Are there any classes, workshops, or retreats you’d love to attend?

  4. In what areas are you holding back?  If you put a little more time and energy into these areas they’d naturally grow.

  5. What feelings or values feel right to cultivate in the next few months?  This could be ease, abundance, stability, safety, steadiness, fearlessness, courage, faith, etc

  6. What have you been thinking about doing forever?!  Check-in, is it time to take one step towards bringing this to life?

Those are just a few questions that might spark some creativity and opening to new possibilities.  Now remember, this is just the start.  To bring the dream or idea to life requires nourishing and opening to receiving.  From this activity, what are the 1-2 things that feel most interesting or most exciting to nourish and support?Also, we can’t completely control what happens and what ends up growing BUT we can choose what we nourish, feed, and water.  

If you’d love to explore this more deeply check out our Spring Celebration March 23rd!

I want to hear from you:

What was your number one insight from this exercise?  What are you “planting” this Spring?