Creativity and Moon Cycles

Do you want to be more creative?  Do you enjoy being creative?  Do you have your own business that requires you to get creative?  There is a natural ebb and flow of creativity.  What I’ve noticed is that my creative cycles parallel the moon cycles.  When the new moon is nearing, I feel much more creative and inspired.  I can write easily and effortless. 

I haven’t always been a creative person.  Not even close.  I majored in chemistry and took a lot of math (too much math), worked on lots of problems, where there was only 1 right answer.  It wasn’t until I was in my late twenties when I realized I felt better when I was creative.  It wasn’t an easy process, I had to let go of my “inner critic,” but there was something so beautiful  and so innate about being creative.  And when I say creative, I don’t necessarily mean creating art.  I mean that creative process where the result is inspiration.  Writing. Building. Designing. The possibilities are limitless.

If you want to maximize your creative potential, I encourage you to work with the cycles of the moon.  Block off some “creative time” near the date of the new moon.  In this modern day, a few hours or an entire day is great, but I consider any amount of time a “win!” The new moon is all about new beginnings and the start of the creation process.  Between the new moon and the full moon, seeds are planted and growing. 

My belief is that when ideas are flowing I want to capitalize!  During these times I’m inspired almost all the time.  Getting inspirations for blog articles.  Workshops.  Retreats.  And it feels very natural to create.

The full moon is the apex of the creation process, and from the full moon to new moon the theme is “letting go” (often not ideal for creating).  And when there is an ebb in my creative process, that’s fine.  Because I’ve already planted more than enough seeds to get me through the cycle.  It’s during an ebb, where I only create, when I absolutely have to.  It takes much longer, and is sometimes a painful process!

Intentionally follow the cycles of the moon and observe your how your creativity waxes and wanes.  Of course there are many factors that affect creative bursts but I encourage you to start with the moon cycles and evolve from there.  Let me know how it goes!