Bringing Your Dream to Life

Question for you: Do you have a dream…an idea…something you’ve wanted to create for awhile?  Something you feel in your heart…in your whole body.  Something that excites and terrifies you at the same time.

For me that was the Earth Medicine Women’s Gathering.  The seed for creating a gathering was planted at my first women’s gathering (13 Indigenous Grandmothers Equinox Gathering at Montezuma Well) and has evolved since.  

It can seem daunting or terrifying to go for a dream.  Most people don’t have the courage or know-how to bring it into fruition. 

Whether it’s creating an event…your life off the grid…travel to Israel...or working 30 hours a week (plenty of time for family + yoga).  

On one level a dream is just a dream.  Life will be life.  Experiences are just experiences.  Why not just stay at your soul-sucking job your whole life?  It’s comfortable and safe…pays the bills and gives you 3 weeks paid vacay.

When we strengthen our muscle and skills to “go for it”….I think something really interesting happens.  It’s a very vulnerable and alive place to be.

When we don’t hold back, when we decide to let our heart play with the universe and express ourselves it can be a really rich place for learning and growth.  It’s a spiritual practice.

So…how can you take steps to bring your dream into fruition?  

Many people ask me this about the Earth Medicine Women’s Gathering—“how did you create that magical event?” If you’re not familiar, Earth Medicine is a weekend event for women full of workshops and new friends…an opportunity to take time out of their busy lives…connect to the Earth…connect to the rhythm of their heart.

Here’s how you can get started in creating your dream:

  1. Get clear on the full vision. What exactly do you want to create? I recommend you really use your imagination and go big here. The universe will bring it into its version of reality. If you’re designing your ideal life…what are you doing for work? How often are you working? What is your community like? How much time do you have off? What is your community like? Your home? If you’re designing an event you’d answer questions like: What is the purpose? How many people are there? What is the vibe like? What is the length? How much revenue would you make? Get really clear. If you’re not sure what you want just make your best guess. Just aim at something and readjust as you go. Sometimes you can’t really know what you want without trying it out.

  2. Ask yourself: What is a small version of this dream I could create in the next 1-6 months? This is very important and missing this step is why so many people never start or finish their dream. People see what they want and see where they are and realize there is a HUGE gap that needs to be filled….so they never start. Don’t be that person! Create a small version of your vision. Ask yourself, “what is the essence of what I’m trying to create?” And…create something with that essence… a stepping stone towards the fullest expression of what you want to do. So say you want to create a 7 day yoga conference. You love the idea of people coming together and learning new forms of yoga. You also dig the power of an intensive and how transformative it can be. So, maybe instead of creating a 7 day conference, you create a 1-day conference. You’ll still be bringing people together (just on a smaller scale) and people are likely to transform from the experience. And…you will have learned so much about coordinating, marketing, skills, working with people all which will support you in creating the larger dream down the road. Or….you maybe realize, “wow, that was really hard and not in my wheelhouse. I think I like working with small groups of people better…maybe I’ll try an intensive for a group of 12 women instead.” So the small version is for learning + clarity. It will feed you and inform your process in so many ways.

  3. Refine. Refine. Refine. You must be willing to learn from whatever you’re creating. I will even dare to say expect imperfections and mistakes. Sometimes you can only learn through doing. Do your best to be in integrity, avoid harming others and also realize your dream is a PROCESS. It will take shape in many forms. Acknowledge mistakes, own them and learn. That’s it.

  4. Appreciate the journey. This is the opposite of what most of us do. What most of us do is this: We work work work our asses off to reach our goal which is stressful as hell and then when (if) we reach our goal we celebrate for like a day and then we’re back to the miserable grind. So….this is manifesting out of ego. It’s a sure way to be miserable. Yeah, maybe you’ll create some great stuff, but you’ll be stressed the whole time. Take time to appreciate the journey EVERY DAMN DAY. Otherwise we are living out of a hope for a future that may never come…or it does come and lasts a moment and then we’re on to the next thing. When you learn to get curious about the process, your own creative process even the journey can become much more joyful—effortless even.

I want to hear from you…what’s your dream?  What would be cool to create?  Be bold and share it in the comments—I dare you!

And….if you want more support with this you can sign-up for a 1-1 biz coaching sesh!