How to make a Castor Oil Pack

Self care is important.  Taking that extra step to SLOW down.  Stress is on the rise and the pace of life is faster than it ever has been.  I am writing a series of articles on self care practices that help you to feel your best everyday.  Castor oil packs I find especially useful for those working towards reducing inflammation in the digestive system, detoxifying the body, and keeping the breast tissue healthy.

People have been using castor oil for healing purposes in India for thousands of years.  Since then it has spread across the globe.  Hundreds of years ago, the plant was referred to as Palma Christe; the palm of Christ, because of its healing abilities.  The leaves of the castor plant also resemble the shape of a hand.

Castor Oil is used externally in the form of a pack. I’ll explain how to create a pack later.  I like to make my self care sacred.  Turn on relaxing music, light candles, set an intention.  My favorite castor oil packs are infused with herbs I make with love and blessings. For best results use the pack for at least 30 minutes and up to 1 hour.

To Make a Pack:



-Castor Oil

-Hot water bottle or heating pad

-Towel (one that you do not care about!)

Saturate the flannel in castor oil.  Place the flannel on the bare belly, liver, or breast tissue.  Place towel or plastic liner over the flannel.  I prefer using a towel because it feels better energetically, however some castor oil will get soaked up by the towel.  Rest and ENjoy.  To end gently remove the pack and wipe excess oil off with towel.