5 Surprising Ways to Live with More Love and Less Fear

I remember 5 years ago when I was in Kundalini Yoga Teacher Training and my teacher Kirin asking the class, “what percent of your potential are you living right now?”  For me it was about 30% or 40%.  What about you?

It’s not something to get obsessed about.  And it’s not another reason to feel inadequate.  But it does tell us something about the cumulative decisions we’ve been making and how they’ve impacted our personal growth.

I think living your potential comes from awakening the heart.  It’s about living from a place of connection—connection to the moment, to our heart, and to the heart’s of others.

Many of us, myself included have been trained or conditioned not to listen to the heart.  This comes from things like trying to be good, trying to make others like us, overthinking, following too many rules, and living out of habit.  

The heart is wild.  The heart is creative. The heart is connected. The heart is responsive.  The heart is fed by being fully engaged in the moment without expecting anything from the moment.

There are simple ways—often fun ways you can open the heart.  I’ve listed a few that you can experiment with.  

  1. What are 10 ways you enjoy caring for yourself that you don’t typically do?  Choose one each week for 5 weeks.  Write about each experience.

  2. Write down 10-20 things you used to enjoy doing (especially when you were a kid) and never do anymore.  Choose 3-4 to complete over the next month.

  3. Brainstorm 5-20 events that you’re curious about.  Attend to 1-3 of them even if they’re slightly outside your comfort zone.

  4. When you have an intuitive hit try following it and see what happens. If you’re new to this one, try starting with SMALL less significant things like where to eat for lunch (rather than quitting your job).

  5. Make a list of things you’re doing in the next 30 days that you don’t really want to do.  Give yourself full permission to say “no” to things that don’t light you up, don’t feel good, or don’t support your deepest values.

When you do these experiments you shift from going through life on autopilot to living from the heart.  Small shifts like these over time create big shifts.  We live more from a place of love (this includes loving ourselves) and less from fear. This of course is an ongoing ever-evolving process and you’ll find your own tools and practices that support you most deeply.  

Choose 1 experiment to start—let me know in the comments how it goes!