5 Signs You're Awakening

You may be curious about this awakening process you may be hearing about from spiritual teachers. I see posts popping up more and more frequently on social media regarding the awakening process. There are many spiritual paths and avenues that result in a kind of awakening.  I describe awakening as a development of higher consciousness, meaning you are in the process of developing mastery in life.  The practical application of spiritual awakening is that it reduces suffering in life.

Spiritual paths that are systematically designed to bring about new understandings are: yoga, meditation, qigong, dance, nature to name a few. Awakening can also occur through the senses (a form of meditation) or through developing our passions/curiosities (often the soul’s way of speaking to us).  I came up with this list as a kind of reference guide.  It’s not to compare or feel ‘less than,’ but can bring understanding.

You feel more (both good or bad).  What I mean by this is that you have become more attune to feelings within.  The opposite of awakening in this way is to numb.  When you begin to feel more, you ‘thaw’ out.  The key is to not “hook” on to the feelings.  This is a practice and if this is a big challenge for you, we can work on this through a coaching session.

You’re less attached to results.  When you try something, and it doesn’t go so well, you’re able to move on more quickly than in the past.  It’s not that you don’t care as much, but you realize that obsessing and dwelling over emotions doesn’t get you anywhere.

You notice your thoughts.  This is a powerful one that is very freeing when you begin to practice it and develop (some) mastery.  You realize your thoughts, and more importantly, that you are not your thoughts.  Meaning, that if Jan has the thought that no one likes her, that is just a thought, not necessary true.  

You seem to know things are true without any evidence.  Ever have the sense that you know something is true?  Or you can tell when people are lying?  This is another sign of awakening and developing spiritually.

You’re not as critical of yourself (or other people).  You know the part of yourself that is critical of all things.  Even when things are going well.  When you become more conscious, the inner critic takes up less bandwidth in your mind.  It’s not that it never comes out to speak, but you’re not as interested in what it has to say as you used to be.

In addition, I’ve developed a quiz that you can take to determine where you’re at in the four stages of spiritual development.