4 Ways to Open to Abundance

I think we’ve all probably felt the feeling of not having enough.  Lack or scarcity thinking is woven deeply into our culture.  It’s so embedded, we may not even realize it is there.  Scarcity mentality is this mindset that we don’t have enough or that we’re not enough.  Maybe it’s that attaining that house, car, job will make us feel like enough.

Let dive in with a concrete example….Say your goal is to make 20% more this year.  You reach that goal.  It feels pretty good for awhile.  Maybe even a couple years.  Then, you’re on to the next income goal, feeling that what you make isn’t enough, even though it’s more than you used to.  And I see us humans (including myself) do this with everything.  With cars, clothes, business goals (clients/week), etc.  

I’ve been exploring this concept of abundance for the past 5 years or so, and especially exploring it over the last 8 months.  As a business owner, entrepreneur, and human being navigating life, I’ve really become interested in concepts around money, generosity, and giving/receiving.  I’ve been reading up on experts in the field both woo-woo and very practical.  Here’s what I’ve got for you:

-Practice receiving.  This sounds simple, but really many of us have issues with this.  One of my best friends from high school would never receive things that were freely given.  If she would drive me somewhere, I would offer to pay for gas but she would refuse.  It’s fine to refuse gifts once in awhile.  It may not feel right to receive a particular gift, but if this is a regular pattern, you’ve got to practice receiving.  And it doesn’t stop at money.  We need to learn how to receive compliments (without saying "thanks, but…..").  

-Offer acts of kindness (aka generosity).  This is my favorite actually and one that I’ve been playing around a bit with as of late.  Generosity that is freely given is one of the most uplifting experiences.  You can be generously kind with your words, with your actions, to complete strangers.  Generosity in business is a magnetic force. Even if it doesn’t circle back to you in the way you think it might, giving freely is a gateway into feeling good.

-Focus on feeling rather than things.  One trap that is easy to fall into especially if resources are relatively scarce is predominately focussing on stuff rather than state.  Say for example I’m feeling like I want to be pampered.  I have the day off, free from obligations.  If it’s not realistically in my budget to treat myself to a spa day, then I can ask myself, "how can I feel pampered on my budget?” It might be taking an herb bath, laying on the Earth, listening to yoga nidra while burning sage.  There are lots of ways to feel the way we want to feel within our means.

-Ask for what you want.  This has been a mantra for me ever since I heard my yoga teacher Shannon Paige say it.  Ask for what you want.  I know, it’s kinda scary, but no one is going to do it for you.  And the worst thing that can happen….the person says no.  That’s it.  People have said “no" to me many times, and I’ve survived.  In fact, it creates confidence, because the “worst” has happened and I came out on the other side.

Those are some basic tips to moving in the direction of feeling more in flow with life and with the universe.  I recommend trying them one at a time for a few weeks and noticing the impact.  You may be drawn to one first—that’s a good indicator to start there!