5 Ways to Cultivate Ease

If you feel stressed, overwhelmed, bogged down by life…you may want to consider intentionally integrating one or more of these practices into your life. 

I’m going to say some things in this blog that may seem outlandish.  They may go against some of your current beliefs and the mainstream beliefs of society.

Let me paint you a picture: On one side of the continuum, there is doing, working hard, setting goals, making effort, taking initiative.  One the other end is ease, allowing, being in flow.

Before I get into it, I’m going to start by saying we need both applied effort (and action) and ease.  A life with all effort and no ease is exhausting.  A life with all ease and no effort may be stagnant or unfulfilling.  The key is to reflect on what areas of your life you are making too much effort (trying too hard), and what areas of your life you have given up on, or ignored.

In this blog we’ll look into ways we can integrate ease into our lives since many of us struggle with it (including myself). 

Creating Ease

Ask yourself what you need.  Rather than asking yourself what you “should” do, reflect on what you need.  Say you have two hours of unscheduled time, ask yourself what you need right now.  Maybe it’s a bath.  Maybe it’s to write some emails.  Or if you’re going to a yoga class, you could ask, “what class do I need right now?” Maybe it’s restorative. Sculpt. Kundalini.  Meditation.  Or, maybe it’s no yoga at all and just staying at home and dancing.

Give yourself permission to let people down.  When you let go of being everything to everyone life gets a lot easier.  You don’t need to say “yes” to picking up your cousin at the airport every time.  Or agree to work over time on weekends.  Of course it’s important to have integrity and honor your commitments as much as possible, but letting go of the fixed idea that we need to help everyone can relief much suffering (believe me I’ve gone down this road).

Carve out space just free of commitments and to-do’s.  This is a big one.  Open space in your schedule allows for spontaneity to arise, which can be very healing and balancing for the body/mind.

Pay attention to your natural rhythms.  This may require some reflection.  Notice when you work best.  When do you feel most like exercising.  What time of day?  What day(s) of the week?  What time of year?  If you feel less motivated in the winter, maybe that’s an opportunity to take some time off work.  If you feel more motivated to exercise in the summer, maybe that’s when you amp up your exercise game.  For me, I find myself most motivated to work in the morning, so I see if I can do the bulk of my work then.  I also find myself most interested in meditation in the winter, so that’s when I make a conscious effort to up my meditation practice. I realize some of you may be bound to a schedule or commitments, but there may be creative ways you could capitalize on the natural inspiration and motivation.  

Forgiveness. Practice it as often as possible for yourself and others.  We all make mistakes.  Free yourself from mistakes of the past by letting go.  This can be a complicated process, but is definitely worth exploring.  If you want more guidance on this you can book a CranioSacral Therapy or Empowerment Coaching session.

These are four simple ways to create more ease and flow in your life.  I know it may be difficult to even conceive how this would be valuable—I know because I have doubts from time-to-time. BUT, the key is to try it out and see how it goes.  Then, decide what is right for you.

With love,