Wake Up Your Life: Cold Showers

Cold showers are an amazing self care practice for healing and vitality.  In India, the practice of cold showers is known as the Sanskrit word Ishaan which translates to “sun.”  This makes sense, considering that cold showers are energizing, detoxifying, and strengthen the immune system.  I notice when I take a cold shower in the morning it’s like having a cup of coffee without the obnoxious 3pm caffeine crash.  As an added bonus, cold showers also tighten the skin and increase circulation transmitting your innate radiance!  I’ve outlined the practice below so you can try it for yourself.

1)      Cold showers are best in the morning.  They are energizing and stimulating to the whole system.  I like to take a cold shower right away, even before eating.  To prepare, coat yourself in a light layer of oil.  If you do this practice everyday, you will want to invest in bulk oils.  I buy them online.  Some of the oil will absorb into your skin, so I like to buy organic.  My favorites are sesame, olive, and almond oil.  Sesame is very grounding.  Olive oil is soothing to inflammation.  Almond is great for all skin types and contains vitamin E.  You can make it fun by adding your favorite essential oils.

2)      Turn the water on cold.  All the way on cold.  I like to ease into it by starting with the feet and legs.  Then arms.  Then face.  Neck.  Chest.  Belly. Pelvis.  Shoulders.  Low back.  In traditional Ishaan, the head and forehead are avoided. 

3)      Let out a warrior cry!  Victory!

4)      Towel off.  I usually use a worn-out towel for this part.  Some of the oil will stay on the towel even if you wash it.  I designate a towel for my practice.  I use the towel everyday and the towel usually lasts about 2 months.

5)      Congratulate yourself for being a badass!!!  Start your day feeling energized and refreshed.  You just took a cold shower, you can do anything now :-)