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October 6th 1:30pm-3:00pm

Spirit of the Lake Yoga & Wellness

Anger, guilt, shame, fear, grief, sadness, joy and happiness—they’re all a part of everyday life—how can we honor ourselves and our needs when we feel emotions?  How can we process these feelings in a way that is beautiful and brings clarity?  How can we learn about our individual emotional patterns and create new habits that feel authentic and compassionate?

In this mini-retreat you’ll:

-explore and navigate your unique and ever-changing emotional waves

-learn how to uncover freedom and clarity with emotions instead of sinking into overwhelm or frustration

-learn what helps you process and manage everyday emotions in a holistic, authentic way

-explore the relationship between thought, emotions, and body

-understand through science and your own experience how nature can support emotional health

Emotions are such a big part of the human experience, yet it seems often in the mainstream culture we’re sent messages that it’s not okay to feel, or that being emotional is a bad thing.  

Over time our emotional habits touch all areas of our life—physical health, career, relationships, and spirituality.  When we begin to unpack this process of understanding our emotions we learn to feel freedom and curiosity around emotion instead of being afraid or oppressed by emotions.

Through this experiential mini-retreat you’ll be guided through a process where you’ll explore your relationship with core emotions. There’ll be movement, education, and a powerful reflection process.  

Is this really something I can learn and practice?

Even if you have had difficulty connecting and honoring emotions in the past, the process that is taught in this class will work wherever you’re at—whether you’ve done a lot of “work” in this arena or you’re brand new. This mini-retreat will help develop emotional intelligence—which like a muscle is something that can be strengthened.

I feel like I’m pretty good with emotions, is there anything I can learn?

This class works on many levels. If you have a good sense of emotional management, your process will typically take place on a deeper level. Unless you have totally mastered emotions, you will learn a ton through your in class experience.

I recently had a traumatic emotional experience, is this the right process for me?

A group process may or may not be what you need right now. You might find a 1-1 healing session to be a better way to zero in on processing your emotions. Feel free to contact me if you’re not sure.

Taking the practice home

Through the process the way you view emotions and process them will shift and you’ll carry with you into the world new habits and perspectives that will continue to evolve as you apply what you’ve learned in your life.

I love it—I need it—but I’m not able to pay the full fee. Do you offer scholarships?

Yes. Fill out the scholarship form sooner rather than later and I’ll get back to you.

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