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August 6th 7:00pm-9:00pm

Langford Park, St Paul

How many times have you held yourself back by not speaking your needs?  Whether it’s asking for a raise, voicing your opinion, or saying “no” when it doesn’t feel right to you, learning to advocate for ourselves can set us free.  

There may be strong habits to be agreeable, quiet and easy-going…especially for women.  It’s culturally acceptable, yet soul sucking to go along with the status quo to appease people.

So many times I can think back on my life how I bent over backwards for people all because I couldn’t say no.  Times I needed to ask clients for a higher fee (example: house calls that were very inconvenient).  Times I needed to say, “no, I don’t work on Saturday, because I rest that day.” Times when I needed to say that I’m gluten and dairy free and I don’t feel well when I eat those foods.

When we clear blockages around speaking, asking for what we need, letting go of others’ reactions, the result is freedom, authenticity, and often a wild form of compassion.  

We give ourselves permission to value our own needs.  

We are free to be who we are.  

We release fears of disappointing others.  

Through practice we are able to become more and more skillful and heart-centered with our communication skills—being 100% real AND compassionate.

In this workshop, we’ll shed light on these habits and begin the work of breaking through habits, thoughts, energy patterns, and actions that reinforce quiet.  This isn’t about tearing people down, blaming, or shaming others, this is about doing our own work so that we feel freedom around using our voice to stand up for ourselves, create a boundary, and ask for what we need.

In this truly eclectic experience, we’ll journey through:

-games to help loosen up the voice and overcome fear (and have fun too)

-meditations you can take with you specifically designed to release blockages around speaking and being heard

-guided nature healing to clear deep-seated patterns

-group discussion as an avenue to explore topics related to speaking and being heard

-activities in dyads to practice overcoming blockages and creating new habits

Creating freedom in communication is all about honoring your needs…your humanity.  In its very essence it is self-compassion, which not only serves our immediate needs but impacts all aspects of our lives including work, intimate relationships, friendships, spirituality, and family.  

Breaking through limiting habits around speaking your truth is one of the steps you take for living with more fluidity—playing a direct role in how you move through the universe..

The details:

-Tuesday, August 6th


-Langford Park (when you sign-up I’ll mention where exactly we’ll be meeting and how to find us)

What to bring:


-Something to sit on

Is this really something I can learn and practice?

Even if you have had difficulty connecting and honoring your needs through speaking in the past, the process that is taught in this class will work wherever you’re at—whether you’ve done a lot of “work” in this arena or you’re brand new. This mini-retreat will help develop newfound confidence around speaking—like a muscle is something that can be strengthened.

Taking the practice home

Through the process the way you view emotions and process them will shift and you’ll carry with you into the world new habits and perspectives that will continue to evolve as you apply what you’ve learned in your life.

I love it—I need it—but I’m not able to pay the full fee. Do you offer scholarships?

Yes. Fill out the scholarship form sooner rather than later and I’ll get back to you within 3 days.

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