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Come...sit by the fire...

Imagine moving through life with unshakable confidence.  You appreciate and know your strengths, you ask what you need, you’re not afraid to receive (or ask for) help, and you’re living life on your own terms.  You experience joy in everyday moments. You're not afraid to put yourself out there, say your opinion, and take steps to create a life you love.

Nature as a Teacher

These things circle back to the season of summer— which represents inner strength, light, self-worth, confidence, spiritual gifts, expression, and playfulness. 

The Summer Solstice—the focal point of these energies—is a power time for honing in on these energies—and shifting patterns in these areas that hold you back.

The invitation....

This gathering is an invitation to nurture yourself, play, experience, and ignite shift in these areas of your life. It's pause from life-experience that continually asks us to prove our worth.

You're amazing…and it’s time to stop settling.  What would you do if you stopped holding yourself back?  If you fully played with life? If you truly believed in yourself?  If you asked your boss for that raise? It might feel scary to explore new territory, but it also might feel good.  Damn good.

The word power can have some negative connotations or even scare us.  But what living in your power really means is living in the deepest sense of integrity, balance, and authenticity.  You feel you can say how you feel without feeling guilty.  You don't move through life on eggshells.  

The thing is...your power never left's always been with you.  The question is, are you fully accessing it and living from a place of power? If not, it may be time for an upgrade. Catalyze these shifts that prevent you from living from a place of confidence...