Integrative Biz Coaching

Ready to grow or start your inspired business?!  Integrative Biz Coaching is spirituality meets practicality.  We start bringing your dreams into a reality and make the world a better place along the way.

This style of coaching is unique because it truly integrates your vision with the limitations of the physical world.  We use spiritual practices as leverage to move through doubt, fear, overwhelm and confusion.

What I help people with:

-Leveraging online communication (website, social media, newsletter etc) to create a following and increase client base

-How to write your website to connect with your clientele so that they can clearly and easily understand what you do and how it can benefit them

-Develop strategy for creating/hosting/marketing for live or online events

-Strategy to attract more of the "right" clients to your events/services

I mix Spirituality & Practicality 

Depending on your needs we may weave in spiritual tools to help remove blockages around money, confidence, or fear that prevent your business from thriving.

Single 50 Min Session: $100

Series (4 sessions): $300

Local folks: If you're based in the Twin Cities you have the option of meeting in person if you like!

'Done for You' options

If the thought of online marketing just makes you cringe, and you would rather hire out the work, I'm available for the following services:

-Social media account marketing

-Website design

-Website writing (aka copywriting)

-Poster design

-Event marketing

Contact me here if you're interested in 'Done for You' options.

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