Integrative Biz Coaching

Ready to grow or start your inspired business?!  Integrative Biz Coaching is spirituality meets practicality.  We start bringing your dreams into a reality and make the world a better place along the way.

This style of coaching is unique because it truly integrates your vision with the limitations of the physical world.  We use spiritual practices as leverage to move through doubt, fear, overwhelm and confusion.

I've recently started officially offering business coaching.  The reason? It’s that’s the number one topic people ask me for help with. And I love working with people to help them create and sustain purpose-based businesses. 

Over the last four years I’ve created a soul-inspired business that fits with my values, lifestyle, skill-set, and purpose.  It wasn’t always easy and I didn’t have instant success.  It didn't come natural at first, but to get to where I'm at I had to get smart about biz.  My love for strategy coupled with my love for bringing more light into the world makes me an effective biz coach for soul-full entrepreneurs.

I know how hard it is to start a business (or run a business!), especially when you’re doing the work you’re born to do.  There’s pricing.  Your business identity.  The web page.  Writing.  Marketing. Setbacks. Fear. Vulnerability.   And so many other things.  While there is a learning curve (I found out the hard way), I can help you get to where you want to go faster.

Working with me I’ll help you get clear about your vision and offer you actionable steps you can take to get to where you want to be.

Whether you are working on your biz full-time, or on the side, my signature Integrative Biz Coaching can help you overcome obstacles, work smarter (not harder), and create a life that you love.

Biz coaching can be a one-time thing or a series.  A series allows for accountability and bigger shifts to occur.

Single 50 Min Session: $75

Series (4 sessions): $240

Local folks: If you're based in the Twin Cities you have the option of meeting in person if you like!


Specialty Series: Creating & Launching a Workshop $320

Launch the right workshop.  Save years of trial and error.

Module 1: Business Model, Vision, Values

Module 2: Idea and Concept

Module 3: Outline & Delivery

Module 4: Sales Page

Module 5: Getting the Word Out

Module 6: Setbacks, Obstacles, Fear, and Mistakes

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My Biz Story:

At the age of 23, with a bachelors degree in chemistry, I found myself a little bit depressed.  I was working....I had a pretty good job as a research chemist, I was well-paid, but I didn't feel ful-filled. This is the dilemma many people face in the US.  When our basic needs are covered, we don't just want to survive, we want to thrive. I had no idea what I wanted to do, I just knew that I wouldn't be able to go on like I had been.  I did a yoga teacher training and it became crystal clear: I wanted to help people improve their lives through yoga.  

I jumped into my own biz waaay before I was prepared, and took a huge financial risk.  And to be honest it didn't work out right away.  I was making $5-25 per yoga class, and there was no way it was going to work.  I tried it for a few months, and then headed back to live with my parents, feeling like a failure.  

I then got a job at 3M working as a research chemist.  I accredit this to my ability to be social and charming (for a research chemist).  I knew going into this job that I didn't want to be there for more than a year.  I just needed to save up some money, gain some experience, and try again.

I quit my job at 3M a year later (barely made it to a year), and started my own biz, this time teaching yoga and doing CranioSacral Therapy.  Again it was really tough.  There were definitely weeks where I made less than $200 and I was hustling like never before.  Even with the drama and low points where I felt hopeless (is this ever going to work???), I stayed with it.  

Things improved, but incrementally.  Then I started learning about running a business.  You see, before I just trusted that I was good at what I did, so things would happen for me.

I realized though, that I was not grounded.  I was living in idea land, and not really taking into consideration how things work in the real world.  I began reading  obsessively about business advice.  I implemented as much as I could.  There were successes and there were failures.  But I always grew from my failures, and I was never afraid to let an idea go.

This leads me to today.  I am proud to have created a business that I love.  I absolutely love the work I do. I feel like I have time to travel, relax, and hang out with friends.  And I feel like I am doing what I'm born to do.

Starting and growing a biz can feel overwhelming, frustrating, confusing, I help people overcome obstacles, so they can feel good about what they do, what they earn, and the lifestyle they live.