Business Freedom Coaching

Do you have a budding or growing business? You want to share your work with the world, but you’re just not getting the traction you need. Or maybe you feel frazzled by the online marketing world and you want a guide to support you in developing a plan. Or maybe you’re ready to turn your side hustle into a flourishing biz you can live on.

I work with service-based businesses (such as yoga teachers, healers, retreat facilitators, health coaches etc) build businesses that not only bring in cash, but help people live and feel better.

Coaching may be a good fit for you if any of these apply to you:

-have a side hustle and you’re ready to amp up the volume on it!

-things are good but not great. You’re getting burnt out, overwhelmed, or frustrated frequently. You know there must be an easier way (there is).

-you’ve had a biz idea for years but you haven’t taken steps to get started

-love what you do, but you’re not making nearly enough to leave your 9-5

-you feel stuck when writing your bio, class descriptions, and service descriptions. In short, your website isn’t attracting the right clients…or enough clients.

-marketing makes you want to pull your hair out and you want to learn how to attract clients through your website, email and social media

-you want to have fun in your business and right now it just seems like a drag

Key areas I help with:

-teaching and coaching you on crafting offerings that feel true to you, leverage your strengths, create an impact, and bring in the money

-creating emails, social posts that resonate and connect

-create loyal customers who can’t wait to see what’s next

-crafting a work-lifestyle that feels good to you!

-creating a biz that doesn’t take over your life. Create boundaries and take time for yourself. Take a month off for your dream vacation.

-overcome deep habits of self-sabotage and “I can’t”

Creating and growing a business is the greatest spiritual endeavor I’ve ever had. It has challenged me in so many ways. It is also incredibly rewarding when I can use my highest skills to earn a living. In 2014 I quit my job as a research chemist at 3M to start my own business as a yoga teacher and healer. I had a lot of success and I also made a lot of mistakes. I’ve worked 60-70 hour weeks and have burnt out completely.

Now I work about 30-35 hours per week and I have time for things I care about like making good meals, spending time with my partner, and practicing yoga. I’ve learned how to leverage my strengths, work smarter (not harder), and create offerings that bring me joy. I am living my dream…now let me help you create yours. It starts with one step…

Questions? Email me! See if we’re a good match to build your biz!

Investment: $250 for 60 minute session


What do we do in a session?

-a typical session we’ll go over goals and any issues

-we can cover strategies related to what you’re working on

-work with mindset and any blockages

-since I’m also trained in a number of healing modalities it is also possible to incorporate prayer, mantra, and any yogic techniques applicable to your situation to the session