Here we all are. Moving through life. Encountering all facets of life—hopes, dreams, fear, sickness, anger, joy…and so much more.

How do we navigate this body…mind…heart…life? Is it possible to feel more ease? More joy? Unconditioned happiness?

Awakening in the most practical sense is the opening to what causes suffering and the release of suffering. This is what I’ve been actively exploring through the healing arts since 2004. From the beginning I’ve been on a mission to understand this process.

I’ve studied a ton of modalities and paths.

What I’ve found is this: Kundalini Yoga as Taught by Yogi Bhajan, mindfulness meditation (vippassana), and Vortex Healing are the most effective paths I’ve personally used to release suffering of modern day stresses.

I’m choosing to offer these in the form of ‘dana.’ This means that they are supported by the generosity of the participants. Dana makes it easier for those with limited economic resources to receive support and guidance on the awakening process. In addition, participants get to experience the flow of giving and receiving becomes part of the awakening process. Lastly, it creates space for me to freely show up, be me, and let teachings flow through me as a gift. This is how the teachings of the Buddha were traditionally offered.

Each offering has a unique medicine—let’s dive in!

Kundalini Yoga

What it helps with:

-balances anxiety, depression, worry, and overthinking

-releases stress and emotional trauma

-clears self-doubt and fears that hold you back

-develops confidence and fearlessness

-clears the overly-negative mind

-rewires the nervous system to respond from love

In a nutshell: Kundalini Yoga is an amazing and powerful technology for cultivating health, happiness, courage, and prosperity—brought to the West by Yogi Bhajan. Yogi Bhajan was a curator….he had many teachers and chose to teach very specific yogic techniques that he believed would help people the most during these modern times.

I like Kundalini Yoga because works quickly and powerfully. If you commit you will get results. A regular 1 hr/day practice for 3 months can change a person completely.

You do not need yoga or meditation experience to get good results from this practice. Meditations are useful even for the “worst” meditators because they typically involve movement and/or mantra.

The practice is a little bit quirky, which is part of the fun of it all and what also makes it deeply transformative! Each class is comprised of kriyas which are a series of poses put together in a specific way for a specific purpose. Suitable for most ages and abilities (if you have injuries or health concerns ask). No need to be “flexible.”

Thursdays 6:00-7:15pm starting Sept 26th in St Paul (near Como and 280)

Mindfulness Meditation

What it helps with:

-practical look at what causes suffering and the releases of suffering

-layer after layer of refined happiness and joy

-responding to yourself/others/any situation through love

-cultivating the deepest sense of enoughness & abundance

In a nutshell: Mindfulness meditation is a subtle meditation practice centered around connecting intimately with the body, mind, and heart. Through this connection we learn about tendencies and habits of fear, defensiveness, love, bliss, joy and so much more.

One of the deep fruits of this style of practice is that we see what sets suffering in motion and what sets ease in motion.

This is a practice taught by the Buddha who walked this path 2500 years ago and taught how to work with the mind, body, and heart to cultivate happiness without condition. It is a subtle practice and often progress is slow, but beautiful. I generally recommend doing Kundalini Yoga and Meditation practice first or in conjunction (it will usually make the path feel easier, joyful, and natural).

Thursdays 7:30-8:30pm starting Sept 26th in St Paul (near Como and 280)

Vortex Healing

What it helps with:


-healing emotional, physical, psychic, and spiritual pain

-rewiring energy pathways to support ease and freedom

In a nutshell: Vortex healing is the most powerful energy healing modality I have encountered. It works with what’s called ‘divine energy’ to rewire the body, mind, and heart.

This healing modality is also a path of awakening because it clears away what is in the way of deep happiness. This may result in a “healing” or not. Sometimes the path is to learn how to be happy with illness…sometimes the path is to experience the miracle of healing.

It is still very mysterious to me how exactly it works.

Click here for Vortex application