Apostle Islands Packing List

At the virtual meeting we’ll have time to go over packing the list and works well and what doesn’t. Here’s a list to get you started. Feel free to contact me (Laura) before the meeting if you’d like to get a head start on packing.


Pants: For sun, cold and bugs. Quick dry is better than cotton.

Shirts: Long sleeve quick dry is good for sun protection Sweater or fleece jacket

Rain gear: Doubles as wind breaker. Helps with splash, bugs, etc.

Hats for sun

Bathing suit

Paddling gloves: Good for sun and blister protection

Water shoes: NOT flip flops.

Camp/hiking shoes

Socks: 1-2 pairs of dry socks for camp/sleeping

Camping Gear-

Daypack: for potential hikes

Quick-dry towel

Sunglasses Strap around the head is nice

Sun Screen

Water bottle 1-2 liters

Sleeping bag

Sleeping pad

Insect repellant

Flashlight: Headlamp style is best

Yoga Mat


Personal prescribed medications


Extra prescription glasses

Optional but nice:

 Binoculars Camera Book, small game, cards, good jokes...

Packing Tips:

-Kayaks have adequate storage space, but the hatch openings are small. You will want to pack items into more small containers rather than a few big ones. We have dry bags for your use, but you may want to come prepared with items organized in ziplock bags.

-Tips/money: Your trip is all-inclusive, but you may wish to consider a gratuity for your guides. $30-60 is typical.

-Cotton clothes will be damp and uncomfortable for kayaking. Think paddling clothes for on-water, and a dry set or two for camp.

-Synthetic fleece or wool provide warmth even when wet, especially when combined with a wind/rain shell.

-Water shoes will get sand in them. Socks for inside water shoes may be helpful, or bring water shoes like buckled sandals (rather than velcro) that sand will wash out of. Barefoot is OK on some beaches, but not all.